Remodeling Statistics On Home Stager Recommendations

Home Stager recommendations

Typical home stager recommendations for sellers prepping their house for sale usually include:-  Finish up the Honey Do list i.e. fix all the stuff that’s obviously broken.  De-cluttering – having a serious tidy up and throw as much away as you can. And have a yard sale. And donate to the kids. Get rid of […]

You Might Just Be A Home Stager!

Jacksonville home staging classes

Are you living your passion, where the lines between work and pleasure are so blurred you have no concept of time passing?  Do you “follow your bliss”… living in purpose… using your talents…having fun…and making a living at it? What if all the things that you love don’t feel like a proper profession?  You know, […]

Jacksonville 3 and 6 day home staging classes now offered!

The last few years SAR has only offered it’s home staging training programs online. Because I’m settled in Jacksonville now and have started establishing a new team, we are ready to begin holding live hands-on classes again. Our new classes will be similar in format to our old 3 day new home stager training program […]

Teaching 50+ yr old potential sellers Home Staging

home staging classes for 50 and older students

Today I taught my first home staging class at the University of North Florida (UNF) I’m teaching for an organization called OLLI (Osher Lifelong Learning Institute). OLLI is specifically designed for students over 50 years old who want to continue learning. This class wasn’t my typical home staging class where I’m teaching them to become […]

Jacksonville Home Staging {Aesthetics} in Deerwood Country Club

online home staging training portfolio ideas by Melissa marro

Melissa Marro with Rave ReViews Home Staging showcases her latest home staging project in the prestigious Jacksonville Community of Deerwood. This home offers some historical significance as it was once the site of a Presidential Summit. In the aesthetic shots featured in this portfolio you can see President Ford and Egyptian President Al-Sadat sitting in […]

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What are closing costs when buying a home in Florida?

What are closing costs when buying a home in Florida? Thinking about buying a new home in Florida but don’t know what the  closing costs will be. Perhaps a local builder is offering to pay for customary closing costs if you use their lending company. Below is a list of common and customary closing costs […]