Online Home Staging Training, Black Friday Sale!

Online Home Staging Training, Black Friday Sale!

Want to become a home stager, but can’t afford to take days away from work, pay for food and travel expenses? Learn home staging online. Learn at home, at your own pace with the knowledge that you have access to some of the best home stagers in the country in our private student chat room. Our private Facebook home staging group connects you with all of our home staging instructors, giving you the opportunity to learn from the best in the industry.

From now until November 30, 2012 our 13 module online home staging course is only $295 (was $695).

online home staging training

Focused on running the business of home staging and incudes:


But WAIT! There’s more…

All of this and more! You’ll also be part of an online private community of new and experienced home stagers, including each of the Staging & Redesign instructors, allowing you to ask any questions about the course, or starting your business. Your designation never expires and we’ll even help you write your first press release about your business opening!

Sign up between now and November 30th and we’ll even include

2 FREE Market Ready Real Estate online home staging consultation credits. Use the report credits to complete your first home staging consultations after receiving your certification.

Enroll in your online home staging class now, and start your own home staging company before the new year! Black Friday pricing only $295 (was $695). Offer expires November 30, 2012.

Home Staging & HomeGain Survey: 2012 Top 10 DIY Home Improvements

Yesterday we got a sneak peek at the HomeGain Top 10 DIY Home Improvement list for 2012. What followed behind the scenes was a rather heated discussion among many of the  nation’s top professional home stagers. As noted in the article, “In past surveys, Home Staging and Lightening and Brightening were battling it out for the number two spot on the top 10 list. In the 2011 survey,  Lightening and Brightening reclaimed the number two position and held on to it in 2012. Home Staging, however, fell to the number five position.”

Home staging, for the purposes of this survey was presented to Real Estate Professionals as, “Home staging: Add fresh flowers; removing personal items; reduce clutter; rearrange furniture; add new props or furniture to enhance room/s; play soft music; hang artwork in walls. See complete staging checklist.” To get a really good appreciation of what is characterized as home staging, check out the staging checklist linked above.

It’s no wonder that Professional Home Stagers are in an uproar over this survey. HomeGain, while we love you – I keep your little orange monkey, received after writing a really great article about you, visible in my office for anyone who comes here – can you please jump into the year 2012 and catch a reality as to what home staging really is?! Let me sum it up two sentences, just to be clear:

Home Staging helps to control a buyer’s eye, with careful placement of furniture, art & accessories, so as to minimize the flaws of a home while enhancing the positive aspects. We help any home, regardless of age or occupancy status look and feel like a model home so that buyers will emotionally connect with it, increasing the odds of a quick sale at the highest possible price.”

The commentary of your participants has also left us somewhat baffled. “I don’t believe that staging adds any value except that it gets a property sold when others just sit and sit. To go in spending money and expecting it to improve the dollars in your pocket (whether you spend $100 or $10,000) is just unrealistic. I personally sold my home after upgrading to the tune of $15,000 to an already updated home, and I didn’t get more money but I got it sold.” – Uh yea-ah. That’s the point. The fact that home staging helps the home sell more quickly, thus reducing carrying costs, price reductions and perceived value by potential buyers IS value. 

We all know that the longer a home sits on the market, the lower the offer will be.  What is the cost of the FIRST price reduction? It is usually at least 1/2 – 1% of list price. That means an average family home (approx $180K based on national NAR stats) is $9,000-$18,000. Having been one of the nation’s top home stagers since 2005, I can tell you that I’ve never seen $10,000 in staging recommendations on a $180K home. The average is usually under $2000 for that price point. 

Let me address another favorite one: “We’ve found that we do our own home-staging vs. hiring a professional stager. The professionals we’ve hired in the past cost a lot and the home still sat on the market for over 6 months.” I would LOVE to know if the agent who provided this quote actually picked the best stager or the cheapest. We are not all created equally. I would strongly recommend home sellers or agents considering DIY vs Professional Home Staging read Juliet Johnson’s blog about it. Watching a firestorm of comments in a private facebook chat last night after we viewed this blogs, here were some comments from uber successful home stagers about this phenom of poorly trained (and often cheap) stagers.

  • “got one of those pro stagers here who gives them a staging kit. oh yeah…plus if you watch the staging shows that automatically qualifies you to be a stager. I actually went to a networking event, met a Realtor who had her young hairdresser with her who stages because she has a flair for decorating. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?”
  • “I just got some photos from a photographer I know, he was shocked at the junk in this $800K property he photographed & he wanted to share his horror- the Realtor said she got the job “cheap” and it showed, I just don’t understand what they don’t get in this price point of home or think that “towels and fruit” work.”
  • “I am turning away any vacant jobs that cannot afford to do it right. They’re turning to “budget” staging companies and comparing prices – I told them you will get what you pay for and I would not be able to comfortably stand by a product I don’t believe in or will work in their price point.”
  • “I will tell prospects to go to websites and check portfolios when they tell me that my competitors are only charging X – if they want stick furniture & random pieces in their homes then by all means shop “XYZ co.” I am not them and have a brand to uphold.”
  • “This issue is hot right now for me because I’ve gotten push back lately about pricing – which I am not budging on, I can’t because the furniture rental companies charge what they charge and I’m not working for free. Until we all start to value our selves and our businesses I continue to say this industry will remain small and not totally accepted by the RE community.”

For years Real Estate Professionals have complained about the hobbyist REP that thinks real estate is just putting a sign in the yard and a listing in the MLS. They complain that homeowners think they do nothing to earn their commission because what they see are bad agents. Hello… McFly. That’s us now. As long as Real Estate Agents decide to tell their clients that they just need to lower the sale price of the home to get a buyer, the market will erode. There are homes, all across the country, that are selling at the top of the market bands. Within every neighborhood there is a top and bottom that the market will allow for a given home of a given size. Guess who gets the top of that and who gets the bottom. It’s not random. The top of the band are homes that are well maintained and attractive. The bottom ones aren’t. They are the majority of homes on MLS.

Agents who want to earn more commission and spend less marketing dollar, who want clients whose homes sell quickly, at higher sale prices turn to staging. The rest are the typical agents who don’t make any money in this business. Sure, they might sell, but their profit margins are eaten alive with listings that cost them money. It isn’t always about having the most listings, sometimes it is about having the right listings – you know, the ones that sell.

3 Days to Grow your Home Staging Business with Matthew Finlason & Duncan Scott

Change your business in days. Step up to the next level by learning the techniques that have created the most successful Home Staging Companies in North America.
Focusing on marketing, design, negotiations & profitability will spark a new passion and focus your vision.


MATTHEW FINLASON host of the hit show, The Stagers, provides 2 days of unparalleled education in his energetic live event.

Broken down to CREATIVITY & MARKETING, this 2 day course will create new income opportunities in activities you are already doing. Find out how to create stunning installations, marketing and PR that will help you make your competition obsolete. STAGER TO THE STARS, Finlason provides the secrets of success from landing to monetizing the luxury markets. Only $1695.

Understand how to focus your stage on the buyers who will purchase the home. Three revolutionary forms will be provided to you in digital format so you can easily make decisions and communicate with your clients in no uncertain terms, leaving no doubts about your abilities to sell their home.

Find out how the biggest and most successful home staging companies create massive revenue injections through new & targeted services, trade referrals and the effortless sale of high end furniture and artwork.

Find out the six steps to creating media opportunities, establishing public relationships & press releases

Step outside the neutral zone and solve the bored & tired stage problem with story telling. Focus on Optimal and Alternative Furniture Arrangements (OFA & AFA), conquer the triangulation effect & mix aesthetics with ease. Learn to maximize room functions with unexpected looks that will sell.

Design a marketing plan that will make your competition obsolete and increase your accepted contract bids. Understand mirroring behavior, establish a new language that will spotlight your abilities and promote an air of professionalism to seal the deal. Learn to take the lead in presentations and manage difficult client personalities. By establishing professional parameters and guidelines through careful wording and communication styles, you’ll operate more smoothly & profitably.

This program looked at so many aspects that get overlooked in other staging programs. I walked away with new tools, venues for staging, and refreshed enthusiasm for home staging. This new perspective is going to open up a whole new world for us and our clients. ~Jeffrey Scott Hofer, In The Spotlight Home Staging

BLACK is the new RED

DUNCAN SCOTT focuses on profitability, client negotiations and pricing. Find out how to put the profit into your staging.

Wondering how to actually make a PROFIT in home staging? Tired of WORKING HARDER but not getting ahead? This one day workshop will teach you how to analyze your business model, develop profitability patterns and negotiate your way to success. Focus your business & marketing on jobs that create the highest profit margins and start WORKING SMARTER. Only $595

Stop running on the hamster wheel and start working your business. Learn how to account for profitability margins, and reconcile your staging jobs to determine which jobs you need to do more of (and less of). Create and easy & effective system to price jobs quickly and at different price points, allowing for better negotiations without losing your profit margins.

Both courses include tools that will allow you to successfully apply the lessons that you have been given in class. These alone are worth the price of admission.


  • June 4-6 Ottawa
  • June 8-10 Toronto

Spend 3 days with our EXPERTS and SAVE!
Get CREATIVE with DESIGN, MARKETING and BUSINESS and move your business to the next level

Spend 3 days with our experts and CHANGE YOUR BUSINESS forever. Identify demographics, design a visual marketing plan, reconcile stages for profitability, learn to establish relationships that sell and leverage the media. Learn the language and art of success.

Both courses available for only $1795, or 3 monthly payments of $600. Save $495! Space is limited & you must register in advance.

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Featured Post on Pinnable Business, a site for Pinterest Marketing

Today, Melissa Marro, President of Staging & Redesign, was featured on, a site for Pinterest Marketing information.  Her post: Image is Everything. Are your posts pinnable? discusses the importance of having stand out photographs in blogs and marketing in order to compete.

Marro provides tips on making the most of your home staging before & after photos, guiding the language of your pinned items and helping to create a viral message. Be sure to check it out.

Still trying to figure out Pinterest? Take our Pinterest for Beginners ($17) or Pintapalooza Advanced Marketing for Pinterest ($27) courses. You can also take both courses for the low price of $37.

Are designations and certifications real in the home staging industry?

Do you want your industry to be taken seriously? Perfect! So does the Real Estate Staging Association® (RESA®), the trade association for professional home stagers.

Every industry starts someplace. Let’s compare the staging industry to the real estate industry. At one point, there were no licensed real estate agents. The NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® was founded as the National Association of Real Estate Exchanges on May 12, 1908 at the YMCA Auditorium in Chicago, IL. With 120 founding members, 19 Boards, and one State Association, the National Association of Real Estate Exchanges’ objective was “to unite the real estate men of America for the purpose of effectively exerting a combined influence upon matters affecting real estate interests.”

They continued on, over the years to add in a code of ethics, more boards, adopted the tagline of “The Voice for Real Estate”, launched a public awareness program and encourages its members to display the REALTOR® logo as a sign of their membership and support to their industry.

This was all started with a group of people that had the common sense to stand up, unite and make a difference.

Sound familiar? This is exactly what RESA® is doing. We are self-regulating. We are people with common interests coming together to advance professionalism, excellence and legitimacy in the home staging and redesign industry.

Are designations and certifications real in our industry?

Of course they are! Certifications and designations mean you attended a course, successfully completed the course and passed their testing. An industry does not have to be government regulated in order for the certifications and designations to be legitimate within your industry.

(above article was a partial reprint from the Real Estate Staging Association)


Staging & Redesign (SAR) is a proud member of the Real Estate Staging Association, as are all of our instructors. We volunteer our time and resources on a regular basis. Our instructors hold leadership positions on the national, state and local levels, and have received numerous RESA Awards including:

  • 2012 RESA Company of the Year
  • 2012 RESA Product of the Year
  • 2011 RESA Professional Stager of the Year
  • 2011 RESA State President of the Year
  • 2011 RESA Chapter President of the Year
  • 2009 RESA Professional Stager of the Year
  • multiple finalist nomiations

SAR is also the largest provider of RESA Pro Continuing Education (CEU) credits and we regularly speak or offer educational sessions as part of the RESA Annual Convention.

RESA Pro Approved Home Stagers Continuing Education (CEU) Available

Staging & Redesign is one of the largest providers of home stagers continuing education (CEU) courses available through RESA, the leading home staging trade organization in the world. This makes us the right choice for not only for your primary staging education, but your ongoing education as well.

Courses we offer through RESA Pro:

Business Skills. Earn 1 credit per course

Staging Principles. Earn 1 credit per course

Elective Classes. Earn 1 credit per course

Earn the RESA Pro Designation:

You must take RESA-PRO℠ Ethics class and pass the RESA-PRO℠ Ethics Exam.

Current RESA® members have the opportunity to earn to the RESA-PRO℠ Designation for $190.00, this will also give current RESA® members 2 years of RESA® membership.

Non-RESA® members may earn their RESA-PRO℠ for $235.00. This includes 2 years of RESA® membership. Renewal is $190.00 for 2 years.

RESA-PRO℠ is renewed every two years. You have two years to complete:

1-Staging Principles Class
1-Business Skills Class
1-Elective Classes
1-Ethics Class

After 4 consecutive years of being a RESA-PRO™, you are required to take 1 continuing education class in any category plus the ethics class.

The Ethics class and exam, in addition to maintaining the business and insurance requirements are mandatory every 2-years to renew the designation.

My Kirkland’s Designer Anthea Click to join the SAR Home Staging Training Team

MyKirkland’s designer & long time home stager, Anthea Click, joins our home staging training instructor team. I got to know Anthea years ago through an online real estate community, Active Rain. It was practically love at first sight, so to speak. Anthea’s big smile and stunning stages had me hooked. I read every blog she wrote.

When I was looking for my initial instructor team for the relaunch of the SAR home staging training, Anthea was an original part of my ‘dream team’. When I asked, she accepted. Then suddenly I got a call letting me know that something had come up and she was going to have to change her mind. I was disappointed, but soon found out that she had the opportunity to become a designer for Kirklands. With a small child, husband, successful business & now a big time opportunity, I was thrilled for her.

I’m excited finally to make the announcement that she is joining our home staging training instructor team. Located in Nashville, TN, Click will provide hands-on staging and mentoring to students in Tennessee and surrounding states. As you’ll see from her appearance on the show Our Nest Special Edition, Anthea is a warm, caring and great at helping others.

You may also want to take some time out of your schedule to listen to Anthea’s interview earlier this month in our Conversations with Masters web broadcast.

Read Anthea’s Bio: 

AntheaClick is a twelve year veteran of the real estate industry. As a licensed broker, she put her days of selling real estate behind her and founded Fresh Perspectives Property Merchandising Services.  She has assisted hundreds of families and agents prepare homes for sell while getting top dollar, no matter the market condition.  She is a Featured Designer for Kirkland’s, sampling new home decor products, appearing at store Grand Openings and on national television segments, and she provides design advice on the popular MyKirklands website. Her expert advice has been featured in Realtor Magazine and many other Nashville publications and she is a sought after speaker for the real estate community.  Anthea focuses on budget-friendly, practical recommendations that draw buyers to the properties she works on.

View Anthea’s Home Staging Portfolio & Design Gallery

Hands-On Home Staging Training & Mentoring in Portland, OR now available with David Peterson

David Peterson and Nik Murrow of Synergy Staging, in Portland Oregon, join SAR as mentors for our hands-on home staging training program.  Nik is Synergy’s lead designer and will be working on site during hands-on home staging training. He has an extensive background in interior design. As Synergy’s Operations Manager and Project Coordinator, David offers his many years of production and management experience from the entertainment and real estate industries by mentoring new students and providing clear cut business experience. David will also become a regular contributor to SAR’s blog feed, providing both design and business insight for new and established home stagers.

Combining a stunning aesthetic with strong business principles, we are very excited to have the team from Synergy Staging as role models for our students.

Check out some of Synergy’s staging highlights from 2011.

Lisa McIntee joins the Staging & Redesign Home Staging Training (SAR) team in Niagara, Canada

Since we announced the expansion of SAR Home Staging Training in January 2011, we’ve been receiving calls and emails from Canadians asking when we would begin offering classes north of the border. In January 2012, we announced Kym Tarr, Kelowna Canada would be joining our instructor team and today we are excited to announce Niagara will also have a hands-on home staging instructor, Lisa McIntee.

Lisa McIntee is the owner The Staging Professionals, the Niagara Regions Premiere Home Staging Company; a Professional Real Estate Stager having received her training in New York, NY as well as in Toronto, ON. Lisa is currently pursuing a degree in Interior Design to better assist her clients.  Her diverse background includes a wide array of experience including visual merchandising, operations management, and marketing.

Lisa is a member of the Real Estate Staging Association (RESA), and has a long list of clientelle that turn to her for home staging advice, color consultations, renovation designs and advice, interior decorating and much more.  With a keen knowledge of the real estate market, and ability to update homes on a dime, she has proven to be an asset to her clients. Her resourcefulness and creativity both in her staging’s and also in her business is also another large reason for her continued success.   Lisa has both the skill and passion for staging homes as she can transform a dull, dreary space into something worthy of a magazine cover.  Lisa has been a nominee for the RESA Professional Stager of the Year, won the SOFA (Source of Furniture & Accessories) window display contest, published articles in Real Estate Magazines and also been featured in the local newspapers.  Lisa is also a keynote speaker for local Real Estate offices, as well as local industry seminars.

Lisa remains dedicated to the growth of the staging industry through innovative marketing, as well as her commitment to assisting other up and coming Home Stagers. It is her passion, skill and commitment to high industry standards that will help Canadian Home Stagers as they begin their journey to successful careers.


US Housing Market posts highest earnings in 20 months

Stan Humphries, chief economist at Zillow, Inc, discusses housing market increase with Bloomberg Television’s “InBusiness With Margaret Brennan.” US Existing home sales increased 4.3% to 4.57M, the highest level in 20 months. These numbers were better than expected and now show 3 of the past 4 month with upticks in sales.


“It’s been a crisis of confidence, and we see that thawing as the job market continues to improve”, says Humphries, contributing much of the growth to increase to consumer confidence and lowering unemployment rates.

Still, as high as 20% of sales transactions can be attributed to foreclosures, and potentially another 15-20% in distressed properties, like short sales.  Sale prices declined 4.7% in 2011 and are expected to fall another 3.7% in 2012. There is hope, however. Humphries says that we expect to see the bottom of the market in 2012 and in some areas, like LA, Riverside and Pheonix, prices may actually begin slowing increasing. Other markets like Tampa, San Diego and San Fransico will likely decline through the year, but pick up by year end. “This will cause some confusion in parts of the market for consumers.”

Economic improvements are signaling to consumers that the market is more positive pushing them off the fence to buy. Spring sales across both existing home sales and new home sales are expected to show improvements.


WECT TV News: Home Staging can make it easier to sell your home

In this video by WECT TV, it is clear that home staging will make it easier to sell you home in today’s difficult real estate market.  Jessica Pirone with Just Perfect! Home Staging & more is featured in this news segment, showing off the wheres, whys and hows of home staging in Wilmington, NC.

As Jessica shows, professional home staging will help make cold, worn, dated or average spaces look and feel like turn-key model homes.  Home Staging allows buyers to see the features and benefits rather than the flaws, particularly in vacant or overcrowded homes.

For locate a home stager in your area, visit our ‘Find a Stager’ tab at the top of our website.  For more information on Just Perfect! Home Staging & more in Wilmington, NC, visit their website.

Just Perfect! Home Staging & More featured in Houzz 2012 Design Forecast

SAR Instructor Jessica Pirone and her team at Just Perfect! Home Staging and More was featured in Houzz’ latest article, 2012 Design Forcast: Not So Mellow Yellow.

Congratulations Jessica and Just Perfect!  As always, you are a trend setter and one to watch!

Just Perfect! Home Staging & More was the winner of the International 2012 RESA Company of the Year recipient in Las Vegas earlier this year.

If you are thinking of becoming a home stager, or would like to be coached/mentored by Jessica, please contact her directly.

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MRRE Online Staging Consultation Tool Now Works for Vacant Homes Too!

Market Ready Real Estate‘s online home staging consultation tool has been a great help to many of today’s professional stagers.  This tool allows stagers to create professional reports in minutes with checklists and drop down boxes.  The best part is that the reports don’t feel or look like it.  They appear (and actually are) fully customized to the home seller and their specific needs.

Last week, MRRE improved it’s already incredible consultation tool by adding vacant rooms in the drop downs as well.  This means that home stagers can take their program to empty homes and begin to create the list of needed artwork, rugs and inventory.

Because photos can be added of each room, it means that you can easily remember specifically the needs when you sit at your inventory program, like, and begin pulling and taging inventory.  Everyone on your team will have access to dimensions, photos and furniture needs.

Thanks to the process at Market Ready Real Estate, home staging checklists are no longer cookie cutter.  Because the final report only lists the items selected, each report is exactly what you want and nothing you don’t!

To learn more about Market Ready Real Estate’s new vacant staging checklist system, visit their blog.


2012 RESA Staging Company of the Year, taking a closer look!

RESA 2012 Staging Company of the YearIf you only get your news from the TV, you will have missed that Jessica Pirone’s company of Just Perfect Home Staging + More was awarded the 2012 RESA Staging company of the Year! It’s not a surprise, since Jessica started out to build a company when she first headed into staging, unlike so many of us.

Most of us just start staging as one person pursuing a passion for the craft. At some point along the way, we incorporate and struggle to get all the paperwork and accounting fitted in as we get busier. Friends love to help out and eventually, we have to hire a person on a regular basis…or maybe that’s just how my story when I started out back in 2002?

Before and After Staging photo

Jessica’s back ground was an art and marketing degree, with parents who were both entrepreneurial. She always wanted her own company, but not a boutique like her mother, something that still involved color and design but…initially she wasn’t sure. It wasn’t until a friend suggested she’d have a flair for home staging, did she take the plunge, and when I tell you she never looked back, you would be amazed by what she has accomplished in such a short time!

The company services homes for sale that range from starter homes in the $100,000′s to upscale homes on the beach. And, within this range, she has her pricing set so that she can employ a marketing person, a sales person, and a lead interior specialist!

But, wait, there’s more!

Stager Training with Jessica PironeTheir RESULTS!!

The Just Perfect team have routinely saved sellers money – $25,000 here, $64,000 there – and the speed with which their stuff sells takes your breath away. In this last year – 2011 – no home staged by Just Perfect was on the market longer than 90 days without a contract! (except for homes listed over a $1 million, which take longer most places.) Are they picky about which sellers they’ll take on? You betcha! And maybe that’s the lesson for all us. Just because we all love to stage doesn’t mean that we should always take every job that comes our way. Why beat our heads against a wall?

There are different packages available depending on how many rooms… but the very minimum is doing everything you can see when you walk in. Why? Because that is what makes houses sell in their area. Occupied stagings are not offered without accessory packages, because without them, it is impossible to look as good, and doesn’t sell the property as well. This year, the company has not staged a property that has taken longer than 90 days to sell. Their clients sell their properties an average of 76% faster than their competition and for 6% higher offers. They are results oriented, and therefore, rarely take a client that refuses to listen to their agent on price. They work with agents that have the same goals and philosophies and are out there to sell properties, not just have a sign in the yard.

By completely immersing themselves in the real estate industry and showing amazing results, they have built close relationships with real estate companies, real estate agents, investors, and builders.

Don’t you want to spend a day with this 2012 RESA Staging Company Of The Year, and see this not just the fabulous designs, but this business-model in action? You can line up right behind me!!

Stager Training

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