The Lisa McIntee Home Staging Business Model

Lisa McIntee is not easy to catch on the phone. She’s busy. She’s busier today than she was last week, last month, last year. Her business is growing and it’s fun when you do finally catch up with her and hear how she does it.

Lisa, of The Staging Professionals, has a different model from the stagers around her. She offers a one-stop-shop for all of your pre-selling activities. If you need a painter, she has one. If you need someone to pack up a room or a bureau, she has the people who do that. Whatever you need, Lisa has the contacts that will show up (when they say they will) and do the work required at a fair price.

The company does around 40 consultations a week. Per WEEK. During that time, she does not insist on an all-or-nothing deal. Whatever the homeowner needs, Lisa’s team and her subs will take care of it. No, you read it right – that includes, renovations, new flooring, kitchen cabinets, redesign, furniture rental, everything!

Lisa McIntee

Before The Staging Professionals Showed Up

That room photographed above? This is what it used to look like!

The Home Staging Business Model that Lisa has chosen might take a while to set up, if you are new to home staging. But if you are a member of a BNI group or you have a large database of service providers, can you see how much help this staging provider could offer a stressed out home seller?

To learn more, stage with Lisa in a one-day workshop or contact us for mentoring & coaching. Check out our stager training programs to see what might work for you.

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