3 Day Live In-Person Staging Training Class With Top Stager, Melissa Marro

Melissa Marro Home Staging TrainingThis is a comprehensive staging training class designed to fully instruct students on the BUSINESS of staging.   All necessary tools are provided to students  including a 1 yr membership to the Real Estate Staging Association and 1 yr membership to www.StagingAndRedesign.com directory and newsletter resource.

3 days live!  Learn to start (or perhaps relaunch) your home staging business with top stager, Melissa Marro, live and in-person, ask as many questions as you like and get answers in real time.  6 years of experience building not one, but TWO successful staging companies, in TWO very different models.

Sound good?

Here’s what this LIVE staging training will cover:-

Day 1:  9am to 6pmhome staging training with Melissa Marro

  • Course & Instructor Introduction
  • Release, Confidentiality & Authorization forms
  • Staging Facts, Fiction and Fundamentals
  • Understanding demographics & how it affects your business
  • Working with clients, selling your services, bidding and building a reputation
  • Types of consultations, jobs and revenue streams

 Day 2:  9am to 6pmhome staging training with Melissa Marro

  • Working with Vacant homes
  • Basics of Design Principles, client and architectural needs
  • Accessories, Inventory and Management
  • Pricing Workshop
  • Sales Strategies and Overcoming Objections
  • Presenting to Realtors
  • Working your business – includes goal setting, business planning & marketing workshop
  • Team Building

Day 3:  9am to 6pmhome stager training with Melissa Marro

  • Hands on staging – Stage an occupied property currently on the market
  • Creating a compelling portfolio – taking & editing photos then putting it all together
  • Setting up your business and getting started

Three (3) Day Class


Included in this 3 day add-on or stand alone course: comprehensive 100 page manual, staging business forms and contracts, access to our private Facebook community, national and local press releases, certificate of completion &  Vacant Property Specialist designation logo.  Lunch, snacks, and drinks included on Day 6.

Day 4: 9am to 6pm – Vacant home staging

Previewing the property

  • Creating a vacant home staging plan
  • Picking and packing
  • Vacant staging installation
  • Buying and managing inventory
  • Visit CORT furniture


Day 5: 9am to 6pm

Understanding logistics

  • Pricing your vacant home staging jobs
  • Structuring your contracts
  • Working with other stagers
  • Visit project home
  • Pick and Pack for tomorrow’s staging

Day 6: 8am to 6pm – Staging Day

Meet at office

  • Stage vacant home currently on the market
  • Discuss project
  • End of class.


Six (6) Day Class


Dates When the Class is Available:-

July 16 – 21

September 24 – 29

November 19 -24

9 – 6 most days
Wed Start at 10: a.m.
$2,195/3 day program
$2,999/6 day program
$1,295 for the Vacant 3 day
$2,195/3 day program
$2,999/6 day program
$1,295 for the Vacant 3 day
$2,195/3 day program
$2,999/6 day program
$1,295 for the Vacant 3 day

Three (3) Day Class


Six (6) Day Class


Vacant Property Specialist (stand alone vacant staging class)



Classes will be held at the Watson Realty Office on Rte 220:

175 Hampton Point
St Augustine, FL 32092