The Social Marketing Roadmap. Advice from the experts.


I ran across this infographic last night.  What I love is that it’s clear and concise information from the top names in social marketing today, advising how to grow a successful business through social media. Social media marketing is now one of the top performers in the marketing field. If you think facebook, twitter, linked […]

Using technology & systems to make a successful business

If you were at the Real Estate Staging Association (RESA) Convention this year, you should have had one very powerful takeaway.  Systems and technology are the key to having a successful home staging business. As home staging is effectively a subset of the real estate community, I thought some recent studies might shed light on exactly how […]

How to make a successful business: Content Marketing

Content is KING, at least in today’s social media driven world.  In order to create a successful business and have an online presence, you will need to understand how content marketing can created increased visibility, a wider reach and immediate expertise status. In the infographic below, you’ll notice that, on average, blogs provide 434% more […]

Real Estate Recovery? Is 2012 the bottom?

Part of our jobs as home stagers is to understand real estate trends. The big question on every body’s mind is, where is the bottom? Will the housing market recover and if so, when? Thanks to Brad Andersohn’s Pinterest board, I get to see what one of the most trusted people in real estate sees […]

Building a website: What do I need to know?

Because your website is your online storefront and usually your first impression to potential customers, having a good home staging website is crucial.  A bad website will turn real estate agents and home sellers off as surely as having a business card with a ‘glamour shots’ photo. This infographic on the Anatomy of a Perfect […]

Become Immortal on Social Media: What happens when you die?

It’s only a little creepy right? You will live forever on social media. Long after your death, what you put out into the digital world will stick around – possibly forever.  This should give pause for thought since social media is changing the world. So, how will the world (and your family) remember you?

Home Stagers & Social Media: How do I use twitter?


Since social media is perhaps one of the biggest free potential marketing options available to home stagers, it’s important that we understand how to use them.  I ran across this infographic by Cheryl Lawson (@partyaficionanado) that makes a perfect reference on exactly how you can make the most of your twitter account. To view this […]