Remodeling Statistics On Home Stager Recommendations

Home Stager Recommendations StatisticsTypical home stager recommendations for sellers prepping their house for sale usually include:-

  1.  Finish up the Honey Do list i.e. fix all the stuff that’s obviously broken.
  2.  De-cluttering – having a serious tidy up and throw as much away as you can. And have a yard sale. And donate to the kids. Get rid of as much as you can.
  3.  Deep Clean — Spring Clean, and get everywhere. Sparkling clean is what you want – shinier than a model apartment.
  4.  Freshen up — maybe a coat of paint, some small improvements…. and here’s where my blog post begins:

Did you know that a new front door is the best investment in terms of ROI you can make on a home?

According to the 2014 Survey conducted by Remodeler’s magazine, replacing an entry door will yield 129% return on investment. Here are the statistics for Jacksonville, FL vs. our South Atlantic Region and the 2014 National Average.

Home Stager recommendations

I find this fascinating. I know from the HGTV shows that in cities where there are basements, that you get that money back. I certainly experienced that personally, when I added a downstairs theater to a very ordinary reno. We made our money back just as the market was falling, and were told at the time that the home theater is what clinched it. That was 6 years ago now, but still, I believe that refinished basements – adding more squre footage and living space to a home is a great way to increase it’s value.

But just the front door? Here are just a few of the more interesting one on Houzz.

1. Curb Appeal

A clean, durable door not only gives a house a crisp entry point, but also harkens back to (our instructor) Lori Kim Polk’s oroginal post “honey, stop the car” in terms of curb appeal.  Curb appeal gets the potential sellers into a better frame of mind as they approach the home. They’re open to it.

2. Sets up the whole viewing

A pleasing entry sets the tone for the whole house.

3. It’s the first and last impression.

Look, this isn’t the same impact as granite counter tops, or a whole house coat of paint, but it’s a small investment. And a good one, apparently. As we know as home stagers, the details can make or break the overall, emotional impact of a home. Can you believe this is a steel door? Doesn’t it look amazing?!


We have lots more tips like this, and useful statistics to help you in your home staging career. Please check out our home staging training programs by checking this link.

RESA Stagers Team Up To Generate Multiple Offers in 24 Hrs!!

Show House Collage

RESA Stagers in Dallas Team Up to generate multiple offers in 24 hours!!

Hearty congrats to our Master Stager and Instructor, Karen Otto of Dallas for organizing a great RESA project, and getting this super coverage on a local Dallas Real Estate Insider Blog, Candy’s Dirt.

When you’re first starting your staging business, and even when you’re in the midst of a good year, it’s hard to remember the power of the local RESA Chapter and being involved.  We’re getting press, radio and TV segments all the time.  There’s no question that some chapter are better than others.  The Dallas Chapter scored a real win with this project.  NJ has done very well in the past with a show house.  Other RESA chapters do Habitat projects, etc.

And, don’t forget the camaraderie and support from being in a like-minded group. They may not always share resources, but at least they understand negativity and the consistent  justification for staging we all experience.

Dalls RESA home staging projectBar Area After Home Staging in Dallas

You Might Just Be A Home Stager!

jacksonville home staging classesAre you living your passion, where the lines between work and pleasure are so blurred you have no concept of time passing?  Do you “follow your bliss”… living in purpose… using your talents…having fun…and making a living at it?

What if all the things that you love don’t feel like a proper profession?  You know, things like color and fabric?  What if you love wandering through show homes and model units?  What if you have a nasty HGTV habit?  That’s okay, it’s perfectly respectable – you’re probably a home stager.  We understand.  Good news is, it IS a profession; you can learn how to do it well, and for a tidy profit.

If that sounds too good to be true… why not try out one of our Jacksonville home staging classes – we will be live and in person this July?

Perhaps you’re still not sure. So, let’s take this self-examination one step further —————>

You might just be a home stager IF

1. You know where every Home Goods store is within a 50 mile radius.Jacksonville home staging classes

2. When you’re in a Home Goods, you can’t help yourself re-arrange the shelves, uniting pairs of things, and sorting things into more logical groupings.

3. You have different sets of pillows and accessories for each season, at least that’s what you tell your family. Every space in your home needs a little refresh from time to time, no?

4. You have been known to fashion a set of drapes out of an old tablecloth with merely a pole and a few rubber bands.

5.  You’ve always wanted to be an interior designer, but can’t draw, can’t be bothered with math, construction nor have any interest in studying all that time in school, apprenticing, dealing with clients, …forget all that, you just want to make rooms pretty.

6.  You can see what a room ought to look like despite what the current owner has done to it. You just see it.  (And frankly don’t understand why other folks can’t see it too.)

Jacksonville Home Staging classes7. You, home decor aficionado, yes, you  can tell the difference between beige, “greige”, french vanilla, ivory and white dove.  [We'd go to "50 shades of... but it's already been taken by a flooring company in the UK, then a nail salon, then...over it, now)  In fact, you own a fan deck. You'd own one from every paint company if you could, though of course you have your favorite!

We know. We get it. We live this way, too!  We know lots of great stagers who make a nice living and are of real value to their community. Value?  Sure, when homes sell for good prices it maintains the value of the neighborhood for everyone.

A sense of design and a feel for color is something you're born with; but cultivating those talents into a profitable career has to be learned, honed and practiced. The good news is that Melissa Marro, the award winning stager , who has built not one, but TWO successful staging companies - in Charleston, SC and now in Jacksonville, FL - is returning to teaching in person. Her first return to the classroom will be in Jacksonville,  this July 16 - 21, 2014 with two options: 2 individual 3 day sessions or one comprehensive 6 day course. This new series of home staging classes will then travel around the US in the Fall, with stops in Atlanta, Dallas and Indianapolis.

What makes your heart happy? Is it interiors?  Then come join us, know that you're not alone.  You're a future home stager and we're ready to get you shoving sofas around with the best of 'em!!

jacksonville home staging classes

Yeah, we see it. You’re one of us.

Photo courtesy of The Rragged Wren.

3 Day Live In-Person Staging Training Class: Melissa Returns to Live Teaching!

Melissa Marro Home Staging TrainingLong considered one of the top stagers in both the United States and Canada, Melissa Marro returns to live in-person staging training this summer with a 3 day and 5 day course.

This is a comprehensive program designed to fully instruct students on the BUSINESS of staging.   All necessary tools are provided to students  including a 1 yr membership to the Real Estate Staging Association and 1 yr membership to directory and newsletter resource.

3 days live!  Study with top stager, Melissa Marro, live and in-person, ask as many questions as you like and get answers in real time.  6 years of experience building not one, but TWO successful staging companies, in TWO very different models.

Sound good?

Click here to get more details on this live staging training course – 

home staging training with Melissa Marro home staging training with Melissa Marro home stager training with Melissa Marro

July 16 – 21, 2014

Sept 24 – 29, 2014

Nov 19 -24, 2014

9 – 6 most daysWed Start at 10: a.m. 9 – 6 most daysWed Start at 10: a.m. 9 – 6 most daysWed Start at 10: a.m.
$2,195/3 day program$2,999/5 day program

$1,295 for the Vacant 3 day

$2,195/3 day program$2,999/5 day program

$1,295 for the Vacant 3 day

$2,195/3 day program$2,999/5 day program

$1,295 for the Vacant 3 day

[paypal link]


Classes will be held at the Watson Realty Office on Rte 220:

175 Hampton Point
St Augustine, FL 32092

Home Staging Tip: How to make a bed in a bag look like luxury.

Bed in a bag. Is there an item in our home staging arsenal that combines both love and hate as much as this simple accessory? Go down the aisles of TJ Maxx, Ross, Marshalls or any other discount store and you’ll see some really awful ones, and then some that seem to have potential. Pull them out of the bag, fluff them up, and you have… probably a hot mess. It doesn’t have to be like that though.

How to improve on the bed in a bag in your next home staging job.

Today I staged a home in Jacksonville, FL where I needed all new bedroom linens. I had just painted some great headboards with tons of color that I wanted to stand out in a completely coastal way. Since I had to also buy the beds themselves (I was completely out of them) I wanted to do this on a tight budget. The bed in a bag is usually the best way to do this.

This $39 bed in a bag came with a comforter, 2 standard shams, a bed skirt and 3 throw pillows. SCORE! I really wish they would have had more. It was mostly blue which was perfect for the blue and orange headboard that I recently painted. As usual the throw pillows in this set are squished and cheap looking.  I did happen to have some great ones on my warehouse shelves though.

How to make a bed in a bag look great

$39 bed in a bag with painted headboard

The next bed in a bag was $49. A little more expensive, but that’s OK. It’s still really cheap. This was a green set and had all the same contents. Since it included a bed skirt that was just all the better (both the blue and green sets did). I usually spent $20 just on that little piece of cloth when I have to purchase them separately.

home staging with bed in a bag

$49 bed in a bag with octopus pillows

Finally, I had the master bedroom. I had painted this awesome green headboard and just wanted the room to feel luxurious. They didn’t have anymore super cheap bags, so I went for a super neutral white $79 bed in a bag. This one only had the comforter and shams, but it was still worth it.

using a bed in a bag with home staging

$79 bed in a bag with coral pillows

Don’t use the bed in a bag throw pillows (in the bedroom).

In case you missed the point of this post and the pictures. Keep the bed in a bag pillows for your other rooms where they can be used as filler, but keep the off the bed. Usually it’s far to “matchy matchy” to actually pull together and normally they look super cheap.  But see, they look perfectly fine here in the living room. The pillows on the chairs below are actually one from each of the blue and green bed in a bag sets.

home staging with bed in a bag

Use your bed in a bag pillows somewhere else!

So there you have it – the secret of making a bed in a bag look like luxury in your next home staging project.

Related post: How many pillows does it take to stage a home? 

How many pillows does it take to stage a home?

I was packing for a Jacksonville home staging job yesterday and I simply had to laugh as I packed up bag after bag of pillows. I’m one of the home stagers that actually owns all of my furniture, and frankly I wouldn’t have it any other way. Still, I know great stagers, like Karen Otto and Annie Pinsker Brown who rent inventory rather than buy it. Soft goods, like linens and pillows are things that even they would need to provide for a staging project, however. It seems that it’s the one thing there are never enough of (or there aren’t the right ones available) no matter how many you feel like you own.

What’s the pillow count for your last home staging project?

how many pillows to stage a housePacking up for this project I thought it would be amusing to see how many pillows I actually use in an average home staging job. This particular home has a kitchen, living room, dining room, home office, and three bedrooms, all of which will be staged.

Kitchen – no pillows there! (whew)

Living room – sofa (4 pillows), 2 chairs (2 pillows)

Dining room – nope, no pillows there!

Home office – 2 upholstered chairs (1 pillow each = 2 total)

Master Bedroom – Queen bed (4 bed pillows + 3 throw pillows)

Each additional bedroom has either queen or full bed (4 bed pillows + 3 throw pillows)

That’s a grand total of 11 throw pillows and 12 bed pillows = 23 total pillows. 

Pillows add texture, color, and a touch of luxury

I know it’s not just me who seems to be crazy about pillows. Take a look at some of the rooms from our home staging instructors.

home staging pillows add texture

Just Perfect Home Staging & more - Wilmington, NC

stage to sell los angeles

Stage to Sell - Los Angeles, CA

home staging with pillows

The Flaim Group - Leonia, NJ

home staging add pillows for texture

Home Star Staging - Plano, TX

using pillows in home staging

Home Matters Home Staging - Indianapolis, IN

staging with pillows in North Carolina

Triangle Home Staging - Raleigh, NC

pillows add texture in home decorating

Fresh Perspectives - Nashville, TN

home staging pillows add color

Premiere Home Staging - Sacramento & Roseville, CA

pillows add luxury to a room

Synergy Staging - Portland, OR

As you can tell from these beautiful staged spaces, pillows add a lot of drama, impact, color, texture, and luxury to a room. Is it any wonder I can’t leave Home Goods without at least one cart full of them?

Home Staging Training: Rules about Rugs (and when to break them)

In our online home staging training course we discuss many aspects and rules about home decor, including the importance of rugs, and the rules surrounding their use. Rugs can add a lot of interest to a space, define the area, and help to create warmth. Used improperly, rugs can also entirely ruin a design plan.

Rules about rugs in home staging design

For the purposes of home staging (and most design and redesign situations), there are some standards for rug usage.

  • Dining room rugs should be two feet larger than the table in all directions. Considering the average dining room table is 4×6, the average dining room rug should be 8×10 (2 feet in each direction larger). This is large enough to allow diners to sit at the table, keeping all 4 feet on the rug.
  • Living room rugs should be anchored by at least one other piece of furniture than the coffee table. This is often a side chair, or the front two feet of a sofa. When the only furniture piece on top of it is the coffee table, or worse yet, none at all, it feels a bit like Aladdin’s magic carpet that will be ready to take off any moment.
  • Rugs should not be used on top of other rugs. When staging your home, don’t add an oriental on top of carpeting. Not only does it break the room up unnecessarily, it also may leave buyers wondering if there are stains underneath.
  • Unless you are in an apartment or very small space, area rugs smaller than 6×9 should be avoided. They are too small.
  • If floating a seating arrangement in a large room, the rug should be large enough that all the furniture sits upon it. This will help to define the space. Smaller rugs actually lend the idea that the furniture float is awkward.
  • Rugs should never splilt the visual plane. Generally this happens in door ways or the path through a room. The dining room is often a common area for this. If an 8×10 rug will cut into the walk way around the table and chairs, such that when you walk, one foot is on the rug and one on the hardwood floors, or if you have to stand close to the wall and walk around the rug, then remove it. It doesn’t work in the space.
Looking at this before photo, you can see that it indeed follows nearly all of the rules above (except rug size and possibly the last rule regarding splitting the visual planes, but that is assuming that anyone can actually walk between the side of the sofa and the slip covered chair to the right).
rules to follow for rugs when home staging training

Home staging rules get broken

As I often advise my home staging students when I’m teaching classes, there is an exception to every rule. Rules are made to be broken. Home staging is no exception.

home staging training rules about rugs

The after photo breaks many of the rules of using rugs. The rugs is not anchored by any other furniture. It’s even smaller than the previous rug which was already too small. Clearly even with the rules broken, this is a better choice both in area rug and furniture placement.

  • Switching out the rug to a smaller rug allowed for traffic to flow through the space without having to step on and off the rug. If the rug had been larger it probably would have encroached into traffic patterns, making the space feel crowded.
  • The red broke up the monotonous sea of blue, drawing your eye to the beauty of the hardwood floors.
  • Not anchoring the rug with additional furniture, helped keep the eye moving to the back of the space, showcasing how large the space was. Adding another chair to the side would have been great for conversation, but would have broken the movement of the eye.

Karen Otto of Home Star Staging, the home stager for this space, did a great job of transforming it. The room no longer feels cluttered and dated. Instead it feels bright and welcoming. She understood that even in breaking the rules, she was doing the right thing for this property and the customer’s budget. Knowing when to follow the rules and when to break them is a sign of understanding the purpose of the rules, not just following a formula or template – the mark of a true professional.

To learn more about home staging in the Plano, TX area, please contact Karen Otto of Home Star Staging.

Encinco Home Staging by Instructor Annie Pinsker Brown

SAR’s home staging training classes are offered by instructors who are well known and still working in the home staging industry. Annie Pinsker Brown, who works in the Greater Los Angeles with her company Stage to Sell, is a prime example. Stage to Sell is one of the busiest home staging companies in the area.

Home Staging by Annie Pinsker Brown

stage to sell home staging los angeles caWhile you can see a wide sampling of Annie’s work on her Stage to Sell Facebook fanpage, or her company website, I’m always happy to be able to occasionally highlight our instructor’s work here on

This particular home seemed an exceptional example because of the fact that it was occupied, not vacant. While Annie does a lot of vacant homes, and even has a Vacant Property Specialist designation course available, it is often the occupied homes that really impress me. It takes talent, with a touch of psychological counselor to really understand how to transform a home that someone lives in into a model style home. This is one of the reasons that she is such a good home staging instructor. She does this seamlessly and is able to pass that skill along to her students.

6138 Jamieson, Encino Home Staging

Stage to Sell had this to say about this home on their fanpage, “Just staged another occupied home today. This gorgeous Encino home is totally move-in ready. I consulted with the homeowner a couple of months ago to help guide her in cost effective renovations that would help her maximize her sales price. She did an amazing job with the renovation and we went in today to put on the finishing touches.”


Annie Pinsker Brown, a top industry home staging professional

As one of the best known home stagers in the industry, Pinsker Brown has created a model of what a home staging business can be. To learn more on how to create a successful home staging business, consider mentoring and coaching sessions with her, or take her Vacant Staging Class.

Luxury Home Staging in Mahwah, NJ by The Flaim Group

SAR Home Staging Training Instructor Bernadette Flaim, owner of The Flaim Group, showcases a recent luxury staging job in Mahwah, NJ.

bernadette flaim home staging training

Home Staging at 30 Polo Lane, Mahwah, NJ

A very special home in a unique setting. Nestled at the end of a cul-de-sac in the prestigious Ramapo Hunt and Polo Club, surrounded by protected parkland on a 4.24 acre lot, this lovely property slopes to the Ramapo River, boasting incredible views of the Ramapo Mountains. Quiet, secluded, and very private location, the house has very generous room sized throughout and a terrific layout. Newly refinished hardwood floors, fresh paint, and carpeting, it is ready for you and your family to move right in. The lower level is grade at the back with sliding glass doors to patio and entrance to three car garage.

Offered at $1,375,000.

Bernadette Flaim, The Flaim Group, a luxury home staging company

Bernadette Flaim, owner of The Flaim Group is an accomplished home staging professional. Since 2004, formerly as co-owner of Attention2Detail, Principal Designer, Bernadette Flaim continues to use her interior redesign and professional organizing expertise on a variety of projects, including room makeovers; raw space design and project management; home offices; corporate and retail spaces. Serving as the NJ State President for the Real Estate Staging Association, Bernadette understands what buyers are looking for in today’s real estate market.

Learn home staging from Bernadette Flaim

Bernadette Flaim offers hands-on staging classes and mentoring sessions in New Jersey and New York, as add-ons to your online home staging training. For more information about SAR’s home staging training program or to have your home professionally staged contact Bernadette Flaim at 201-788-7315.


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Home Staging in St Catharines by The Staging Professionals

The Staging Professionals, recently staged 196 Cushman Rd, Unit 39 St. Catharines. SAR Instructor Lisa McIntee showcases her home staging skills in this stunning, recently renovated unit.

Home Staging isn’t just for selling homes in St Catharines

While most people think of home staging exclusively for homes for sale, recently apartment complexes have begun seeing the value. Case in point is the recent staging project for Panoramic Properties located at 196 Cushman Rd, Unit 39 in St Catharines, Ontario.

Offering both two and three bedroom town homes for rent, creating a model unit simply makes sense. Just as professional home staging can help a home owner sell faster and for more money, staging an apartment can help rent more units. Lower vacancy rates mean more profit for investors. The small investment in professional home staging can keep the apartment complex full by creating a lifestyle that renters are looking for.

home staging in st catharines and niagara

196 Cushman Rd, St Catharines

Welland Woods Townhomes is an Urban Oasis in the attractive north end of St. Catharines. While minutes to all the amenities of the Garden City, this pleasant enclave of Townhomes on 196 Cushman Road,have excellent 2 and 3 bedroom suites, with recent upgrades that include stunning ceramic/laminate/carpet flooring, newer appliances and private/spacious patios. A short distance away you will find private park-like settings, schools, shopping, recreational activities and walking trails. Having the perfect balance between city living and small-town convenience, come experience these excellent Townhome rentals today.

 Become a home stager with Lisa McIntee, The Staging Professionals

Lisa McIntee, owner of The Staging Professionals, is one of SAR’s home staging instructors. Offering both hands-on training and mentorship, as add-ons to your online home staging training, you know you’ll have someone experienced in today’s real estate market.

For more information about SAR’s home staging training program in Toronto, Niagara, or St Catharines, or to have your home professionally staged, contact Lisa McIntee,

24 hour line: 905-358-4887
Home Improvements: 905-351-0807

Home Star Staging’s Karen Otto showcases 1628 Northcrest Dr

Plano, TX is home to one of the best home stagers in the industry, Karen Otto. Otto’s company, Home Star Staging is known for quality home staging on a budget, helping sellers maximize their home equity. This home staging project at 1628 Northcrest Drive is no exception.

Students in Plano, TX and surrounding areas are fortunate to have Otto as their home staging trainer and mentor. Karen offers both hands-on learning (job shadowing) and mentoring by phone. Contact us to learn home staging with Karen Otto.

1628 Northcrest Drive, Plano, TX

Photos ©2012 Unique Exposure Photography

Just Perfect & More Home Staging: 1507 S 3rd St

SAR Home Staging Training Instructor and Mentor Jessica Pirone shares portfolio photos of a recent Wilmington, NC home staging job. Contact us to learn home staging from Jessica.

Home Staging at 1507 S 3rd St, Wilmington, NC

“This charming bungalow is in the perfect location for anyone who is interested in the local cultural happenings, enjoys the beauty of nature, or lives an active lifestyle. With refinished hardwood floors, a large kitchen, and an open living area the home will compliment a range of household dynamics and decorating preferences. Sit a spell on the covered porch in front or the one in back overlooking a big magnolia, perfect for climbing and equipped with a swing. An alley allows for easy access from any direction and also gives several parking options, including a carport. Walk to Greenfield Park to enjoy nature,& maybe even paddle around the lake. The park has playground equipment, tennis courts, trails, benches, a skateboard park, beautiful scenery & more, even a modern amphitheater where great bands often play. Plus, there are several restaurants and bars within walking distance to the house and the heart of downtown is only a short ride away. A great opportunity and a must see.”

Take a look at the property website!

For more information and to schedule a showing, contact: Kenneth Fisher, Remax Essential, 910.616.2123

Staging by:

Photography by:

Jacksonville Home Staging {Aesthetics} in Deerwood Country Club

Melissa Marro with Rave ReViews Home Staging showcases her latest home staging project in the prestigious Jacksonville Community of Deerwood. This home offers some historical significance as it was once the site of a Presidential Summit. In the aesthetic shots featured in this portfolio you can see President Ford and Egyptian President Al-Sadat sitting in the formal living room (area featured with white table and white roses).

This home is offered by Jenni Galli of Keller Williams Realty for $1,375,000.

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World Golf Village, Isles of the World Courtyard and Pool

World Golf Village, Isles of the World Courtyard and Pool

Inspiration and lifestyle is what we create as professional home stagers. This week, I was staging at World Golf Village’s Isles of the World, right here in St Augustine, FL. It was a seldom opportunity that we actually were able to stage full courtyards in Charleston, SC, so new furniture had to be ordered and put into inventory.

isles of the world

Selecting home staging inventory for a pool and courtyard

I love this patio set so much, I am thinking about ordering it for my backyard deck. Since I had to order new furniture, I had to not only decide what would work best in this space, but what would also make great inventory pieces.

While I had considered ordering lounge chairs, or a couple of love seats, or a combination of the two, this round set was perfect to allow a large amount of seating while not taking up a ton of space. When determining what to order for home staging inventory, I also wanted to think of other spaces that I might have to stage later. Because you could break this apart to smaller sections, with or without a table, it made sense as part of home staging inventory.

Home staging includes color flow inside and outside of the home

The view from the inside of the home was important as well. Keeping the coastal Florida theme inside and out was our goal. You’ll notice that our color palette remained consistent both inside and outside of the home.  The butter yellows, which began as part of the architectural features, carried through in throw pillows, lamps, artwork, and accessories. We also carried the blue from the private pool and added soft summer greens to round out our home staging palette.

isles of the world

Keeping the home staging inventory working

At the end of each staging job, we provide home staging photos for our customers. We also make it a point to put them on various points throughout the web. This helps keep our home staging inventory working for us, not only directly in the homes, but forever on the internet. Creating a stellar portfolio gets us more customers. It also helps potential customers understand our home staging design aesthetic.

Of course, going back to the actual inventory, white sofas are inspiring and can be used in nearly every type of home aesthetic. Keeping large furniture pieces neutral helps to maximize your future home staging inventory usage.

Now the trick is to remember that when this home sells, I don’t get to keep the gorgeous round deck furniture (no matter how much I want it). I have to admit that it would look pretty fabulous in my own back yard though.

home staging st augustine

Thank you for reading… World Golf Village, Isles of the World Courtyard and Pool

Home staging & your kitchen with Melissa Marro

Melissa Marro shows some of her home staging Kitchen Portfolio shots.

staging kitchen countersKitchens are the heart of the home and one of the biggest determining factors of whether a potential home buyer will purchase a given home. Buyers desire luxurious, functional kitchens. While the most important factors are the actual fixtures and finishes, the overall presentation of the kitchen, including home staging will have a large impact on what potential buyers feel.

View more kitchen home staging photos.

Occupied Home Staging: Kitchens

When a home buyer lives in the home (occupied home staging), it is important that the counters be free of as much personal belongings as possible. Cook books, knife blocks, and knick knacks should all be stored out of sight. Less is always more when it comes to occupied home staging.

Vacant Home Staging: Kitchens

When a home is vacant, adding warmth to the kitchen is one of the most important things a home stager can do. While it is important not to overdo things, ironically vacant homes are typically staged with more props than we would ever recommend in an occupied staging. Because the home is without life, and the kitchen is often the life of a home, creating the illusion of hearth and home becomes vital.

Learn more about vacant home staging with Annie Pinkser-Brown’s Vacant Property Specialist Course.

Thank you for reading… Home staging & your kitchen with Melissa Marro