How do you define your work efforts? A little key terminology…

become a successful home stager

Learning how to properly think of and define your work efforts can mean the difference in a clear understanding and specific plan for achieving your goals. This week, I went to a workshop by my business coach, David Josephson, The Growth Coach of Jax. I always enjoy sessions and workshops with Dave. I think he’s […]

Home Staging in a Low Inventory Market, A Hangout Lesson

home staging inventory in st johns fl

Home Staging in a low inventory market was the topic of a great Google Plus hangout that I moderated for the Real Estate Community. Unfortunately, as happens with technology occasionally, things went awry and it didn’t record. It is really a shame because it was a full house. I’m not actually sure how many were in […]

10 Copyright Free Image Sites for your Home Staging Blogs

copyright free images for home staging and real estate blogs

When you are writing your real estate and home staging blogs it can be a trick to determine which images you can use and which ones you cannot. In general, all images inherently are copyrighted. There are, however, sites that provide permission to use their images for your blogs and websites. 10 websites that allow Creative Commons […]

When home staging experience works against you…

Starting a new home staging company with the experience of previously starting a successful one should give me an edge. Most of the time it does. Still, sometimes, what I know from before works against me. It is really difficult to go from having a large home staging company with a nearly 4000 sqft warehouse, […]

How to Run a Successful Home Staging Business {or not}

how to start a successful home staging company

If you are thinking about starting a new home staging business, then here are some tips that I’ve learned over the years that may help you succeed {or not}. I’ve witnessed many enter the industry and noticed some similarities with those who do well. How to run your home staging business {into the ground} Last […]

What would you do if you could do it all over again?

tips for starting a new business

After I sold my Charleston Home Staging company, it took me a little while to decide to restart a new home staging company in Jacksonville, FL. When I started laying out the ground work, I realized that I had an opportunity that few people ever get. I had the opportunity to think about what I […]

One thing about 2012 that taught me more than anything

marro family in folly beach sc

It’s just after 8pm on the last day of 2012. I’m looking forward to 2013 to be honest. Both 2011 and 2012 have been years that have held a lot of personal obstacles. Overcoming a near death experience, moving to Florida, selling my home staging business, and now re-establishing a new St Augustine home staging […]

Online Home Staging Training, Black Friday Sale!

online home staging training

Online Home Staging Training, Black Friday Sale! Want to become a home stager, but can’t afford to take days away from work, pay for food and travel expenses? Learn home staging online. Learn at home, at your own pace with the knowledge that you have access to some of the best home stagers in the […]

5 Common Blogging Mistakes costing you SEO

5 blogging mistakes

5 Common Blogging Mistakes costing you SEO Here are 5 common blogging mistakes that may be costing you SEO juice. Whether you are blogging on your own WordPress site, or in communities like Active Rain, there is a good chance that you are missing some of these key elements. How do I know? I recently found out […]