Honey, if you were searching for xyz, what would you Google?

I don’t know about you, but sometimes the hardest thing for me to come up with are the keywords that I want to use for a blog or page that I’m writing. Sure I know there are keyword checkers out there, but I feel that when you are trying to write long-tails, that they are less relevant. Maybe I’m just naive.

Ask someone else what they would search in Google

My first option when I’m really feeling mind blocked is to ask my husband or best friend. “If you were looking for homes in a neighborhood like xyz neighborhood, what would you Google?” Sometimes his answers are great, and sometimes they are way off base. A conversation last week went something like this.

(First off, I should say we just moved here about 1.5 years ago, so this should be easier than it is. Next I’ll say that my husband was in the Navy for 15 years, until he was medically discharged in 2000. With about 8 PCS moves under our belts we should have this down, but no.)


Me: “Honey, I’m trying to write content for MovingtoMayport.com the website I’m building for the 3 Naval vessels moving to Jacksonville at the end of the year. If you were moving here, what would be Googling?”

Him: “Strip bars?”

Me: “Really? I don’t think the families will be Googling strip bars. Remember, I’m trying to help them find homes.”

Him: “Hmm. What about information on the barracks.”

Me: “Seriously?”


This post really isn’t about mocking my husband, though sometimes I admit that I do love to do that. It is about the idea that coming up with keywords and phrases isn’t always easy. I’m still working on that list. I have a lot of writing to do to accomplish what I want to accomplish. What I am fairly certain of though is that writing about strip bars or the barracks won’t help me sell a house to the families moving here. Later he came up with the idea of restaurant reviews. That’s probably a good idea for once they are here, but I still need to get to them before they get here and find a place to live.

How do you Google?

So, what techniques do you use when considering how to write your SEO driven blogs? Do you rely strictly on the Google Keywords tool, or do you have another system that works for you?

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