The Ultimate Linen Closet Organization Guide

As a professional home stager, I love great organization techniques. I really wish that I used more of them in my own home, but I’m getting better. Someday maybe I’ll become Alejandra, but probably not. That said, when selling, after we reduce our closets to the minimum that we really need to keep in there, they need to be extremely organized. There are many reasons for keeping well organized closets, most of which end up revolving around the idea that you will in fact get more for your home. It’s a psychological game, one that you really want to win.

Organizing a small linen closet

This is a helpful video from Alejandra on organizing a small linen closet. I love the ideas of keeping your sheets in baskets with small labels on them so that you always know the size and the messy look of the fitted sheet doesn’t muddy up an otherwise beautiful space.

While it may seem like spending this kind of time organizing a linen closet is a waste of time when you are selling your home and there is so much to do, the truth is that once buyers are inside the home, white glove clean and well organized will do more for receiving good offers than almost any other activity.

How to perfectly fold your towels

Whenever you look through Pinterest, Houzz, or any other photo gallery of beautiful bathrooms and laundry rooms, you’ll find stacks of beautifully folded, luxurious towels. There isn’t much magic here, but there is a fair bit of psychology. Learn what the folded towel really says to home buyers, then use the video below to help you create it.

How to fold the perfect fitted sheet

Now that you’ve got a plan for organizing your linen closet and you know how to fold the perfect towel, it’s time to learn how to fold the perfect fitted sheet. Even if you are going to store it in a basket, it’s still a neat trick to learn (especially if you are a home stager and may have to fold several of these on a daily basis).

There, now you know how to have the best looking linen closet of any other home potential buyers will use. If I could make a suggestion though, if your home isn’t for sale, you should start implementing these techniques now. One, you’ll actually get to enjoy how great your spaces look before you sell your home and two, you’ll have less to do when the time comes.

Learn more closet organization tips.

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