How to start a home successful staging company with online training.

Are you wondering how you can start a successful home staging company with online training? If you’ve been researching home staging training courses you are probably trying to decide if an online course, or a classroom style course is better. The truth is that they are both very different and the right course will depend on your dedication, time, and personality.

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Advantages of an online home staging training course

The first thing you need to decide is if an online home staging training course is right for you. Below is a list of some of the advantages that our course offers.

  • Take the course at your own pace. No more trying to find the right location, or a weekend that works for your schedule. Now you can take the course soon as you are ready, watch our online modules in the evenings after the kids go to bed, complete the course in a weekend, or spread it out over several months.
  • No travel expenses. Our online home staging course is taken in the comfort of your own home or office. There is no need to pay for travel, hotel rooms, lunches and dinners out.
  • Unlimited access to training materials. Because our course is kept online and updates are done digitally, you’ll always have access to the latest and greatest. Once you have registered, your access will never terminate.
  • Lessons are ready for you when you need to learn them. One of the most difficult parts of attending a classroom style course is the mind numbing amount of information you’ll receive in only two or three days. Keeping track of it all can be overwhelming. By the time you are ready for your first home staging consultation or quote, you probably won’t remember half of what you were taught. With our online modules and unlimited access, you can always replay the lesson so you have it fresh in your mind.
  • Constant access to our instructors. Part of your online course includes access to our private Facebook community. This is where you can ask questions about what’s going on in your business, voice any problems or concerns you are having with your business, or simply converse behind closed doors with the instructors and other students. By the way this is also a great place to share your blog posts so we can help share them, gaining you additional exposure.

How to start a home staging business with your staging training

Not all home staging training companies are created equal. One of the most important variables that you may need to consider is the level of experience and expertise of the instructor as well as when the course material was last updated. The truth is that many home staging instructors have never owned or operated a home staging business, or even if they did, it was 5 years or more ago.

Because the market is constantly changing, having a home staging instructor that is active in today’s real estate market is vital. While many trainers have made a career of teaching new home stagers and are skilled educators, they don’t know today’s trends or difficulties. How will they help you overcome objections by homeowners and Realtors if they haven’t had to do it in years?

Good stagers fail where good marketers succeed

why should you have your home professionally stagedOne of the biggest factors of the success of a new home staging business is actually not how good the home stager is, it’s how good of a marketer they are. Over the past many years, I’ve seen some great home stagers close their doors because they simply didn’t know how to market their business. A home staging course that is heavy on design concept as opposed to a heavy focus on pricing, marketing, statistics, branding, and profitability may create great home stagers, but unsuccessful businesses.

This isn’t to say that design and decor lessons aren’t important, but the truth is that you are taking a course to learn how to have a successful home staging business, probably because you already have some decor talents.

When you consider which home staging training course is right for you, ask the training provider to have the instructor provide a sample of some of their company’s home staging literature, professional portfolio, or other marketing materials. (Be sure it is for the home staging company of the instructor, not that of the training company.)

Our online home staging training can help you start a new business

If you are serious about starting a new home staging business, then consider SAR’s online class. Our class is regularly updated, taught by some of the most successful stagers in the industry today, and is heavily focused on business.

Register for our online class today, only $695 for all 13 modules.

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