Home Staging for Living in a Small Space: Think Multipurpose

Living in a small space can take some real planning. A Home Staging and Redesign professional may be able to help you create a good organizational and space plan. Great multipurpose furniture may also be of significant help.

Multipurpose furniture to make small spaces more functional

When purchasing home staging inventory, it is important to be sure that many of our pieces are neutral and multifunctional. Side tables must also be able to be used as night stands. Dressers should provide dual function as buffets or sofa tables. We’ve even had smaller dressers function as night stands in very small bedrooms. It may be a good idea for those living in small spaces to take a page out of our book and look for furniture with multi-purpose design.

Resource Furniture, a New York based furniture company has created some intriguing solutions.

Organization can only be effective when it’s easy to keep up

The key to living in a small space is organization. I love some of the storage solutions offered by Resource Furniture. The idea of having bunk beds close into 18″ or less of space, while never even having to clean off your desk to pull them out is phenomenal. The problem with most murphy beds, or convertable furniture is that you have so much to do to ready the space that they lack function.

Function and ease of keeping a space organized is the only way to keep an organized space sustainable. When you have too many moving parts or hoops to jump through, stacks begin to appear and small spaces eventually becomes a mess again.

When purchasing organizational tools, or furniture with multipurpose or built in storage, consider whether you’ll easily be able to access whatever you need without having to do a lot of other things first. It’s easy to build in tables that attach to the wall and fold out of the way, but having one that levels down the the floor, under the bed without having to clear it off first, means you’ll probably actually use it. Having a storage closet that rotates into the wall, behind the bed, means that you haven’t lost the storage wall from the bed.

I have a murphy bed in my home, but we have to move half the room around to get to it. That’s not effective and in the 2 years we’ve lived in our home, we’ve always pulled out an air mattress when we’ve had company. 

living in a small space functional furniture

Home staging for living in a small space.

Multipurpose items are good purchases for both home stagers and those living in small spaces, or in need of multi-functional rooms. Pay careful attention to not only function, but whether or not you’ll be able to regularly maintain access and ease of use.

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