Online home staging training courses can be a field day!

Yes, we are both standing (but he is on his toes).

My dear friend & collegue, Jackson West (who I adore), wrote a blog several years ago that stated, home staging training online courses are no field day. As I’ve always been a true believer of hands-on staging being a key ingredient for success, bringing my staging classes online while still providing quality training, left a few questions. So as not to lose the benefits that Jackson spoke of, ones that we’ve agreed upon for years, the decision was made to add hands-on staging to our training packages, or as an ala cart option. We’ve also added a private facebook mentoring group and four one-hour coaching sessions.

This means that you can now take our full class online, at your own pace, have your field day with a qualified mentor and then follow up on your ongoing progress over the course of several weeks. Then, after all of that, you will have unlimited online coaching where you already are – on facebook!

It’s good to note that different people learn differently.  Because of time and money, sometimes spending 5 days away from home (3 day class, a day travel on either side) may not be realistic.  Because we’ve taken our classroom portions and moved them online, while keeping the ability to do live hands-on training, I like to think we’ve found a good balance for our home staging students.

So Jackson, my friend, I think we can now both agree, FINALLY – online classes can in fact be a pretty great field day. (btw, have you noticed how well we coordinate for photos?  I’m just sayin’.)

*Disclaimer: Jackson & I really are friends.  I think he’s a fantastic instructor & his students are lucky to have him. If you are in the Vancouver area & are looking for a classroom style environment, you will want to check out his courses.


  1. Jackson Lane West says

    I have no idea who this Melissa Marro person is nor do I recollect getting photos taken with her. They must be Photoshopped. Just kidding!

    Melissa this is a great post. When I wrote the blog you mentioned, the technology we have today for online learning, webinars and live coaching was not available or if it was few people had heard of it. It blows my mind how things have changed. Heck, I didn’t even have an iPhone back then and you know how crazy I am about it’s capabilities. Makes me wonder what the future will bring for learning and growing ones business.

    Fabulous seeing you again at RESA. Lets chat soon!

    • MelissaMelissa says

      Haha! Given you have a website called, Home Staging Webinars, I know your opinion about online learning has changed. I was just poking a little fun at you today. I hope you don’t mind.

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