How does Social Media affect your Home Staging business?

Wonder how social media affects your home staging business?  This video shows, without any exception, that social media is taking over and modifying the business world as we know it.  Everything today is “Facebooked”, “tweeted”, “linked in”, or “pinned” – as well as a million other types of activities.

The social media revolution will have similar consequences to our business as the internet revolution did to the real estate sales and marketing trends.  Once upon a time, buyer could only see homes if agents showed them in person.  Today, thanks to IDX, potential home buyers can see nearly every available property online and without an agent.  This ultimately shifted the way real estate became marketed and created a boon for the home staging industry.  Now buyers were judging hundreds of homes by what they could see, before they could actually ‘see’ them.

With players like Bing and Google+ altering the way they rank SEO, to include social interactions by ‘friends’ of the searcher, SEO is becoming a whole new game to many companies.  Today if you were to do a search and someone else were to do a search of the exact same keywords, the results may be completely different, depending on what their social connections thought about a topic or product.  In other words, what would your friends recommend?

Never have we had a time where marketing your business by creating deep connections with clients, friends and colleagues then manifesting that desire to share those feelings with others – literally – has become the top priority of your business plan.  For all of those who have been slow to move to social media as a marketing platform under the premise, “I don’t have time to manage all of that.” it’s time to make time.

As home stagers and business owners we now look to each other to help grow our businesses.  We must connect and share the images, blogs and messages that we think are important to our circles of influence.  We also need to be wary of sharing the wrong things, as SEO does not know what we share when we mock, or what we share with enthusiasm.



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