A french cleat can make hanging DIY headboards easy.

Ty Pennington, co-host of ABC’s new talk show, The Revolution, shows off perhaps one of the best headboards ideas I’ve seen for DIY’ers: The French Cleat. (I apologize for the video no longer being here, The Revolution was cancelled and they deleted all of their videos). You’ll still find the instructions on making a french cleat below.

How to make a french cleat

how to make a french cleat

While you can find prefabricated metal versions of the French Cleat, Ty shows off exactly how easy this is to do yourself.

If you or a neighbor has a table saw, this will take only moments. Simply cut a 6″ piece of wood (length varies on needs) down the middle at a 45 degree angle. (Don’t have a table saw? Ask your home improvement center to do the cutting for you.)

Take a few moments to find the studs in your wall. Using a level and some screws, attach the bottom piece of wood (with angle away from the wall). The top piece of wood should be attached to the back of your headboard with the angle against the wall, facing down.

To hang, simply hang the headboard over the wood attached to the wall. The angles will hold it in place. Yes, it’s really that easy.


french cleat headboardHeadboard ideas are then unlimited. Need some inspiration? Check out these DIY Headboard ideas or low cost headboard ideas.

Thank you for reading… A french cleat can make hanging DIY headboards easy.

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