The 2012 RESA Convention is coming – don’t miss out!

The 2012 RESA Convention is coming.  Don’t miss it.  Here is a recap from last year’s convention, written by SAR Instructor Linda Barnett.

A week ago, RESA Stagers set sail to Treasure Island in Las Vegas to find and fill a treasure chest of business tools that will help them grow their home staging businesses. During their three day excursion they met with each other and shared their business strategies and in that process discovered the value of personal connections.  It was indeed the very first nugget they received for their treasure chest.

While being a castaway on this island of knowledge and self discovery, each stager wanted more and more tokens to add to their treasure chest.  Shell Brodnax, President and Ceo of the Real Estate Staging Association gathered the staging brethren and spoke about what RESA is and how you can participate in local chapters to help you grow your business.  She went on to talk about the education and what the RESA-PRO designation is and its benefits.  A ruby gem was added to every ones chest.  Still there were many other tokens to be had; and so the “seek and discover” treasure hunt began.

Next to enlighten and delight the masses was Ashley Whittenberger, CEO-The Interiority Complex University.  Ashley spoke about diversification in business and how it can be a wealth building strategy.  She went on to speak about the creation of multiple income streams and how to incorporate them into your business strategy.  Again another priceless nugget from her hand to yours-you just had to reach out and grab it.

The next piece of gold was in the message of Jackson West. His streamline approach to the proposal process is simply priceless.  He spoke about the importance of communicating your value without giving away your design plan and how the verbiage used in your proposal can be an asset to you getting work.  By now it is obvious that you are gaining a treasure throve of information and your collection of golden nuggets are stacking up quickly.  But avast….there is so much more gold to be uncovered.

Next on-broad was Sandy Dixon with her message of Repeat and Referral Business strategies’-or as they say on the island; Going for the GOLD!  Sandy shared her client magnet system and ways to create a top-of-mind marketing program with the natives gathered at Treasure Island.  You should have felt the tokens of prosperity running through your fingertips as you learned that there was so much more value coming your way as you start to realize your own hidden treasures.

“It’s not green eggs and ham” stated Tammie O’Brien, with her entertaining program on Inventory management. Using real world examples and sharing anecdotes that can be learned by experience, she explained how and why carrying and tracking your treasures is simple and necessary.


By this point there were so many gold pieces in your treasure chest that the sight of them was almost blinding. But our adventure was far from over and there was more gold to be found. So we relaxed, and discovered all that was ours-just for the taking; Leaving us with no need to pilferage and plunder.

Imagine being able to attract only prospects who are interested in doing business with you without ever feeling to salesy, said Alice Chan. She suggests offering free valuable information to attract your prospects and also how to develop a relationship and keep following up with your prospects until they are ready to work with you.  Alas, another golden piece added to your treasure chest.  Did the value of your education surpass the value of the golden nuggets collected in your treasure chest?

Audra Slinkey took the helm and educated on how to effectively use accessories, art and color.  Her use of examples and how to effectively draw the buyer’s eye through strategic placement was tremendous.  For the love of color and especially that nugget of gold we will forever covet.

Building your business by bringing on other staging mates was the topic of discussion from Jana Uselton, about taking your one person business to a multi-level team concept with little or no cost to you.  From setting the vision to accountability and enriching the lives of those that partake.  No Parley will be granted once onboard….Just kidding!

And now on deck…Can you do the Math?  Melissa Marro takes the use of statistics and converts them into great marketing pieces that helps clients see the value of her staging services and makes the sales conversion as easy as 1, 2, 3.

How green is your business? Christine Rae shared her knowledge and passion for going green for yourself and your business.  She taught the principles of green and how our industry is being impacted by the green movement.  Now you have an emerald amongst the gold.

Moving right along on this voyage of education, Dan Eason shared the message we all need to know and believe…You are awesome…Now Prove it to your Prospects.  Getting yourself focused, developing a long-term communication plan and proving that your prospects need you.  A special token was given in Dan’s presentation. Don’t you think?

And finally, after all that educational information and a treasure chest full of golden nuggets, emeralds, and rubies; the keynote speaker, Matthew Finlasonwho in his typical style created the Perfect Storm here on the island. With insightful quotes like “neutralize, don’t sterilize”,  ”the enemy of staging is mediocrity”, “Be outstanding on any budget” and “It takes ¼ cup of crazy to be in this industry”.  Matthew shared how Upping the Ante with Lifestyle Merchandising can change and redefine us, causing a paradigm shift in the world of staging.

Drink up me hardies….yoho…yoho!



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