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Earn the Vacant Property Specialist designation.

Want to understand more about the vacant home staging process?

In a recent poll done among successful home stagers, more than fifty percent stated that vacant home staging accounted for more than 75% of their business.  Now, you can go BEYOND THE BASICS with RESA’s 2011 International Professional Stager of the Year, Annie Pinsker Brown.

vacant property specialist online home staging course

Annie Pinsker-Brown

Annie is the owner of Stage to Sell, a prominent staging firm in Los Angeles and has appeared in numerous articles, staging shows and more.  Now she brings her expert eye for detail to help you grow and organize your vacant staging business.


Your Vacant Property Specialist course will cover:

become a vacant home stagerPart 1 

  • Pros and Cons of offering vacant staging to your clients
  • Is staging vacant homes a good fit for you and your business?
  • Vacant staging mistakes and how to avoid them
  • Acquiring furniture inventory vs renting
  • Working with furniture rental companies
  • Business licenses and insurance
  • The smart way to add to inventory
  • Storing, tracking and transporting inventory

vacant home staging pricingPart 2 

  • First client contact
  • Property previews step-by-step
  • Taking Before Photos
  • Formulating a Staging Plan
  • Creating a bid
  • Contracts
  • Placing the furniture order
  • Invoicing
  • Scheduling your team
  • Staging prep

vacant home staging online home staging training

Part 3 

  • Staging day
  • Getting paid
  • Post-staging marketing
  • What happens when the property sells or the lease expires?
  • 7 Steps to Staging Success
  • Staging exercises
  • Homework assignment

learn how to price vacant home stagingPart 4

  • Vacant Staging Case Studies
  • Before and After Examples

Some of the handouts included 

  • Client Contact Form
  • Property Preview Checklist
  • Sample Contract
  • Sample Quote Form
  • Shop/Pack List
  • Vacant Staging Steps (detailed step-by-step checklist for staging vacant homes)

Also included in the course are 13 handouts/templates, including bid sheets, quote forms, sample vacant staging contracts, pack lists, vacant home staging checklists, inventory management, vacant home staging insurance company information, client, and contract management forms.

If you don’t offer vacant home staging in your business, you are leaving money on the table.

Staging vacant homes is one of the most lucrative services home stagers offer but most training companies only quickly pass over the subject, if they discuss it at all. Then when the call comes in to provide a staging proposal it creates a sense of panic, having no idea how to proceed.  

become a vacant property specialist online trainingThis 4 part, three hour online home staging training webinar
will take you from phone call to stage to destage so you are fully prepared and ready for anything.  You will learn how to maximize your earning potential in the vacant market, providing additional income for your business.  


This course is only $595.  Passing the final exam with at least a 75% will earn you the Vacant Property Specialist designation.
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This course is RESA Pro Approved.
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