Online training classes

SAR’s new online home staging course has finally been brought online, after numerous requests from students. We’ve taken the best of our classroom staging training and brought it online, allowing you to take the course at your own pace in your own home. Best of all, we’ve bundled Hands-on staging training and mentoring opportunities with the nation’s best professionals, now available through our packages and ala cart. And it is now only $695.

SAR’s online home staging training has been broken down to 13 modules so you can more easily spread the sessions out. (Some modules have multiple sessions):

Module 1: Staging Facts, Fiction & Fundamentals – Overcome buyer and agent objections by understanding the history and future of the home staging industry.  By learning what staging really is, what it is not and how to properly present your business to your potential clients you will become more successful.

Module 2: Types of Consultations, Jobs & Revenue Streams – Home staging is a fun and rewarding career, however, as a profession, you’ll want to be profitable.  Explore the various types of income producing activities, including creating your first home staging consultation using Market Ready Real Estate’s online consultation program.

Module 3: Design Principle & Practice – Here you will learn how to balance form function & flow as well as the key differences between redesign, staging, and design work.  Learn the most common design mistakes that home stagers make, how to avoid them.

Module 4: Setting up your business & getting started – We’ve all heard the saying, “You don’t know what you don’t know.” After this module, you’ll know what you need to do to get your business started, legal and protected.

Module 5: Understanding demographics – Whether choosing colors for your logo, the layout of your website or or what items go into a given property, demographics are the key to owning and operating a successful business. Find out how you can use them to differentiate yourself from  your competition, create a stunning stage, and save money in your marketing budget.

Module 6: Talking the Talk- Understanding Real Estate –  Using the wrong terms can create confusion and distrust. You must speak the language if you want to work with real estate agents.  Understand how conveyances affect your contracts, how to present verifiable statistics and sound like the professional you want to be.

Module 7: Clients, Bids, Sales & Marketing – To run a competitive, profitable business, you’ll need to have a clear understanding of these. In this chapter, we will address these topics in depth, allowing you to operate like a business, not a hobby.

Module 8: Overcoming Objections – When you understand what potential clients are really afraid of, it’s easy to close the deal without being high pressure or ‘salesy’. Learn to overcome any objection in this four system approach.

Module 9: Pricing Strategies – Understand billable vs non-billable hours, profit margins and learn how to calculate exactly what you need to charge for your time in your market. We provide multiple pricing strategies, including how to price for inventory and accessories.

Module 10: Accessories, Inventory & Management – Every home stager needs some level of inventory to succeed in this business.  Whether you only with occupied (lived-in) properties or vacant one, this module will help you understand inventory options from purchase to purge and all the processes in between.  We will also take an in depth look at the Darby Inventory Management System, the best inventory management product on the market.

Module 11: Team Building – Think your initial training isn’t the right time to talk about teams? You may have that wrong. Learning from day one when it is right to begin adding team members will make the process easier. Insight to working with other stagers in your area on a referral basis, or hiring staff member will help you plan your business for the future.

Module 12: Photography & Portfolio – Beautiful photographs are only part of your portfolio needs  Here we’ll discuss some of the best ways of showing off exactly what you do to potential clients. Let us help you understand exactly what you should have in that portfolio.

Module 13: Tools & Safety –  This is all about tricks of the trade. Know what you’ll need to get the job done and how to keep your client’s belonging and your personal being safe.

The learning doesn’t stop here!  Also included in your online course: 

♦  Business Forms & Templates – digital templates of contracts, bids, quotes and more

♦  Certification Logo (with passing grade) – receive a minimum 75% or higher grade and earn your Certified Stager logo and designation.

♦  Private Group Mentoring – set in private facebook group, feel free to ask questions of instructors & peers, post photos for layout suggestions, or links you want to share.  Stay up to date, where you already go!

♦  300 + page  e-manual broken down module by module.  Each module includes a chapter of written materials.  Upon request, it can be sent to your kindle or e-reader device so you have it on the job for quick reference.

♦  Your designation never expires.  Most training companies expect you to pay an annual membership fee to keep your designation active.  Not SAR. You’ve earned it, so keep it!

♦  Listing on “find a stager” section of SAR.  By providing your contact information in our find a stager section ,we help you get noticed.

♦  Student Press – Did you do something noteworthy, have a great DIY idea, or just want to show off a magnificent stage?  Send us your press releases, articles or blogs and we’ll publish them in our student press section complete with link backs to your outside blog, fanpage or website.

The price for all of this is just $695. Bundle your online course with our other business tools for even more value!