Curb Appeal Confidence

Michelle Molinari is the owner of Curb Appeal for Dummies, and has been dubbed ‘The Queen of Curb Appeal” by her clients and peers in the real estate staging industry. Ms. Molinari uses her unique skill-set to assist homeowners throughout North America to showcase their homes on a budget and pull it off with finesse. Her amazing exterior transformations can be seen on Feature This Dot Dot Dot and Curb Appeal for Dummies. In this unique 2 part series, she gives you all the information you need to increase your skills, differentiate your home staging business and assist homeowners with confidence.

Topics Covered in this 2-part series include:

1. Architectural Styles and Proper Terminology
2. Diagnosing Design Flaws and How to Turn Them into Advantages
3. Suggesting Dramatic Fixes that are Amazingly Inexpensive.
4. Choosing the Right Color Scheme
5. Current Trends in Curb Appeal Design that Impress Buyers
6. Sourcing the Right Products to fit your Client’s Budget
7. Working with Contractors
8. Promoting Your New Curb Appeal Services

The two hour recorded webinar is a real value at only $159.

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This course is RESA Pro Approved. To receive RESA Pro Continuing education credits, please order the course at Educating Home Stagers.



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