Conversations With Market Leaders: Mark Montano

Conversation With Market Leaders – February 2012
Mark Montano Offers Staging Tips
Mark Montano
Mark Montano shares his story with our own Juliet Johnson. Amidst the giggling and general comedic rowdy behavior, Mark offers insight into

  • the discipline of writing a book while working on a show or other “j-o-b”,
  • how when you’re ready for anything and let go of the outcome, the universe creates space for your own magic to glow,
  • last minute extra touches of “red”, when you’re out of time and budget on a staging gig,
  • the 3 things he can’t live with out
  • the 2 things he has hoarded his whole life long
  • his wacky collectible for which he freely admits he needs psycho-analysis
  • the one simple creative sport he can not and will not play!

Stop laughing, y’all, you’re supposed to learnin’ something here!!!
Mark Montano on Staging Last Minute Ideas