Conversations with Market Leaders: Jennifer Duchene, Author of Le Chic Cocoon

Jennifer Duchene joined Conversations with Market Leaders this month and candidly discussed her journey of self discovery. It is one that will resonate for women of all ages.

Jennifer Duchene, Couture Lifestylist, Speaker and Author, is the creator of ‘The Polite Woman’s Guide to Radical Rediscovery’. Le Chic Cocoon, 7 Steps to creating your Selfish Space, is a best selling book on Honored as one of the Top 20 Interior Design Firms by San Jose Business Journal, Duchene, has more than 15 years experience in color, interior design and redesign. She is passionate about sharing design insights & how to translate a room to represent the woman.

Jennifer Duchene

Jennifer Duchene, Le Chic Cocoon

This month’s discussion is full of honest insight into the woman’s mindset of doing for others before you do for yourself. While caring, generosity of spirit and nurturing is part of the feminine culture, unfortunately too often we stop caring for ourselves in the process. Jen shows how claiming your space, your Le Chic Cocoon, can help give you strength to be a better role model and become more successful in the process.

Listen to the conversation: