PintaPalooza! Pinterest for Beginners

If ever there was a hullabaloo about a social network it’s Pinterest, isn’t it?

  • The #3 social network, with more traffic than LinkedIn, Google+ and YouTube combined!
  • A page rank of 6!
  • The demographics are network TV’s sweet spot – women, aged 35 – 50, in households earning more $100K per year!
  • Pinners spend more time on Pinterest than they do on Facebook (15.8 minutes vs. 12.1 minutes on Facebook)

Pinterest is a culture all its own. This is the first purely visual social network that has caught on. Because of the way the site is laid out, and the quick way you can “curate” things you like and file fun ideas away so that they’re easy to find later, it has a huge following. And it’s only just getting going.

The site is still in beta!!

To make the most of this fast-growing, impressive network you need to shift the way you think about your business. It is both easy and challenging, simultaneously!

It’s all about images, pins, boards, and followers. It takes less time to market there than on other social networks, but your marketing needs to be creative,  valuable and inspiring.

Pinterest For Beginners

In this recorded webinar, Juliet Johnson has shared:

  • What is Pinterest in practical terms?
  • Who’s there and what are they looking at?
  • Should YOU be there? How would Pinterest fit into what you’re already doing with Social Media?
  • What are you using each Social Media Platform for?
  • How to make a pin, from your computer, from within Pinterest and from anywhere online
  • How you can promote yourself and/or your business there
  • A Nifty (visual) keyword f*ree tool that will tell you which boards you should be curating
  • How to tell which boards of yours are more successful than others
  • Free sources for photos & infographics that are completely legit
  • What else you can use Pinterest for
  • Where the money can be made on this social network

In this webinar, we will do a live example of setting up a certified financial planner® who speaks to women about money, and has a specialty in grief coaching for widows.

This is not “repurposed” PLR. It is my own research, conclusions, set of tips and creative thinking, all smushed together into one webinar to help you make money with Pinterest.


“I thoroughly enjoyed Juliet’s presentation on Pinterest. It made excellent
points about taking the time to think about the message you are
communicating with your pins and how to make the most of your pinning
efforts. She packs a lot of useful tips and information in a short
presentation!” Paul ReynoldsTheDigitel Myrtle Beach



But wait there’s more (I’ve always wanted to say that… )

You’ll also receive a copy of Pinterest for Beginners Checklist, so you’ll know you’ve covered all your bases, a copy of Pinterest for Beginners Resources, so you’ll be able to keep track of the information Juliet has provided, and a short tutorial on watermarking your images.

All of this is only $17* (Free for CML members)

or take both the beginners and advanced classes for only $37* 

(Free for CML members)

*An email will be sent to you within 24 hours of registration with the link to your webinar, or you can “Return to Staging & Redesign” on the paypal link to visit immediately.



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