Online Home Staging Training: Continuing Education

Ready to take your home staging business to the next level?

Learn from some of the best home stagers in the industry. We’ve gone to the most successful professionals, known for their skill sets, and asked them to teach you how to do what they do.

Comprehensive business management plan

Even if you’ve been in business for years, this workbook will help you put your business on the path for continued and accelerated success. With guidance every step of the way and 150 questions to help you stay on track, this will help you hone in and focus on your goals and objectives like never before.

Topics covered:
  • Executive Summary
  • General Company Description
  • Products and Services
  • Create a Marketing Plan
  • Create an Operational Plan
  • Management and Organization
  • Create a Personal Financial Statement
  • Start up, Operational Expenses and Capitalization
  • Create a Financial Plan
  • Applying for a Business Loan
  • Refining Your Plan

Learn more about the Comprehensive business management plan workbook.

Curb Appeal Confidence 2 Part Online Training

Learn how to talk to your home sellers about curb appeal. Gain terminology knowledge as well as the confidence to make recommendations that will improve the value of their homes.

Topics Covered in this 2-part online class:

1. Architectural Styles and Proper Terminology
2. Diagnosing Design Flaws and How to Turn Them into Advantages
3. Suggesting Dramatic Fixes that are Amazingly Inexpensive.
4. Choosing the Right Color Scheme
5. Current Trends in Curb Appeal Design that Impress Buyers
6. Sourcing the Right Products to fit your Client’s Budget
7. Working with Contractors
8. Promoting Your New Curb Appeal Services

Watch our Curb Appeal Confidence video introduction and learn more about this course. 

online home staging continuing education

Team Building for Growth & Success

Linda Barnett’s company Home Matters has one of the largest home staging teams in the nation. If you want to know not only how they find new team members, but how they have instituted a seamless series of procedures and processes to create a positive experience for the customer, the new team member, and your home staging company.

In this one hour recorded webinar, you will learn how to:
  • Identify the skills and functions needed to create your dream team
  • Determine a staffing structure that maximizes productivity and profit
  • Maximize the effectiveness of your Independent Contractor Agreement
  • Recognize the optimal time to hire members.
  • Recognize the advantage of working with newly-certified and experienced stagers
  • Enhance how you recruit, train, compensate, and retain team members
  • Enhance your company by working with external groups and resources
  • Recognize the importance of maintaining your team’s tools for success
  • Follow the best practices of team building

Learn more about team building for growth and success.

online home staging team building