BLACK is the new RED with Duncan Scott

When most Property Stylists start out, the goal of preparing a bid is to get the job and build a portfolio of good pictures; which will hopefully bring them in more staging opportunities.

Fast forward a few years, business is flowing in, but are they really making a profit? We have all heard of stagers who stage 40 properties a month…is that where you want to be?? Or would you rather stage 4 to 6 properties a month, have more $$$ in your pocket and more time to enjoy life, your family and friends? The choice is yours!

Workshop:  From Red to Black – Advanced Pricing and Co$ting for the Property $tylist

Red is a great colour to use as and accent to make your staging projects POP, but if you’re seeing it in your spreadsheets, you’re in TROUBLE!l

Taught by Duncan Scott, of The Scotts Group, one of Canada’s best known stagers and instructors, this is a hands on workshop where you will learn:

  • An easy and effective way to price out your jobs quickly.
  • How to price out different price points for your job.
  • How to charge for everything that you are providing to the customer.
  • How to negotiate your price so you still make $$$.
  • How to reconcile every job so you know exactly how much profit you have made.


Every participant will receive an Exclusive 4 Tab Excel Spread Sheet to make pricing and reconciling your jobs easy. This tool will also a make your bookkeeper/accountant happy and SAVE you $$$. A $150.00 Value!

What  to bring with you:

  1. Pen, pencil and an eraser
  2. Note paper
  3. Calculator
  4. Your laptop (optional)
  5. Your smile & ability to laugh J

This class is a tremendous value at only $595.

Next class dates are:

  • June 4th, Ottawa, ON – site TBD
  • June 8th, Toronto, ON – site TBD

Take Advantage of our Special Offer & Combine this course with Matthew Finlason‘s Advanced Marketing & Design Course the following 2 days and save 495! only $1795, (3 payment plan available, $600/month)