Selling Your Home? Invest in it First!

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When it comes time to sell your home, it’s important to realize that the manner in which real estate is sold has changed over the years. In years past, a property’s price and location were enough to sell it because buyers were not as design savvy or picky as they are today. In the current […]

The Perils of Kitchen Kitsch: Fat Chefs, Lighthouses, Sunflowers, OH MY!

sexy chef

We see it everywhere.

And it’s scary.

The Themed Kitchen.
Whenever we are in them, our senses are assaulted by wine bottle-carrying obese chefs, roosters of every possible size and description, hand-painted palm trees swaying the breeze on every plate and cup, swags of ceramic chili peppers around the window frame, Folksy-Country signs with wooden hearts telling us the dishwasher is full or empty, salt and pepper shakers made of cowboys napping whilst standing up against cactus (Ouch!).

It’s an epidemic. And when a family of fat chef figurines arrived at my house today, via my significant other on a shopping spree, I was suddenly mentally forced to draw a line between tasteful decor and utter crap (that would be udder crap if it is kitchen decor comprised of black and white cows). I absolutely must rebuke the chefs and banish them to the outer realm.

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Michelle Molinari: Conceptual Staging Gallery 2

Michelle Molinari: Conceptual Staging Gallery 2

Michelle Molinari, the queen of conceptual staging shows off her talent again with her before and after images.  Click on them for a full size view.  Remember, conceptual staging isn’t about replacing the staging professional, it is about providing a visual to help convince clients why they need us!

Michelle Molinari: Conceptual Staging Gallery 1

Michelle Molinari: Conceptual Staging Gallery 1 ,

Conceptual Staging is about making the homeowner realize the value of staging, not replacing it.  Michelle does this like no other stager in the industry.  Look at her gallery and you’ll understand why, she is the Conceptual Stager Queen! Click on the photo to see full size before and after…

Then & Now…My How I’ve Changed!

staged contemporary living room

I was inspired by Melissa Marro’s blog by the same title to write a little about my own growth as a Professional Home Stager over the last 4-1/2 years. When I first started my Los Angeles Home Staging business in 2004, I was one of the only small companies doing Staging on the west side of LA. […]

Don’t Make Me Put on My Pantyhose!

Don’t Make Me Put on My Pantyhose!

We have to put on that suit (pantyhose, pumps, and all!) and grab that briefcase, and explain who we are, what we do, and why we do it. We need to whip out those “purportedly” useless credentials many of us have, and talk about our affiliations and associations.We have to qualify ourselves as an expert to be treated like one.

Staging For Small Spaces – A Case Study

Staging For Small Spaces – A Case Study

A couple of weeks ago I got a call to Stage a “cute little bungalow” in Hollywood. Now whenever you hear those 3 words together in Los Angeles you have to know this is going to be a tiny place. But I was completely unprepared for just how small this one was! At 500 square […]

HOW TO: Manage Your Time as a Home Stager

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Spring is almost here! We welcome the season of abundant renewal and growth. The days may be getting longer, but are we really getting ahead? Are we even keeping up? We all experience that “not-enough-hours-in-the-day” feeling from time to time, but there are ways to prevent it from becoming a way of life. As the […]

Feature This…Staging Tip # 30987 Profitable Painting Paraphernalia

Feature This…Staging Tip # 30987 Profitable Painting Paraphernalia

Painting advice is rampant with all sorts of gee-gaws and product suggestions to make projects go more smoothly.

As Stagers who not only advise, but oversee the execution minor renovations, here’s some real cost effective tools we use every day to make our work professional and profitable…. from Feature This…Real Estate Staging!

Home Staging Stories From the Trenches: “Yes, we can work with your furniture!”

Annie Pinsker-Brown home staging

I often get calls from Realtors who say, “I have a family who is actually going to be living in their home while it’s on the market. They would like to use their own furniture. Do you do that?” It always amazes me that they have to ask whether afull service Home Staging company would be willing to work with (gasp) someone’s OWN THINGS?! But I know why they have to ask.