RESA Stagers Team Up To Generate Multiple Offers in 24 Hrs!!

Hearty congrats to our Master Stager and Instructor, Karen Otto of Dallas for organizing a great RESA project, and getting this super coverage on a local Dallas Real Estate Insider Blog, Candy’s Dirt. When you’re first starting your staging business, and even when you’re in the midst of a good year, it’s hard to remember the […]

Karen Otto answers, “What is home staging?”

Discussing the differences on how we live in a home and how we sell a home, Otto clearly explains why personal choices should be toned down in order to remove objections from potential buyers. From honey-do lists, to pets, to color choices, and more, Otto helps identify why home staging is important for anyone selling their home.

Stager Training Tip: Karen Otto’s Texas Two-Step + 1

Karen Otto staged living room

For SAR’s stager trainer, Karen Otto, consultations amount to 70% of her staging income in today’s real estate market. Sometimes the service is paid for by the realtor, as a value-added benefit to secure the listing. Karen says that a solid 30% of those consultations turn into a full-fledged staging, and some home sellers just need one follow-up appointment for tweaking. So, it was the home below; and notice how dramatic the change is when an experienced, talented stager gets in the mix!

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