The Big Staging Disconnect With Lifestyle Marketing!

Lifestyle Marketing

Most home stagers, certainly those who Staging and Redesign (SAR) certified, will approach each staging project with the following steps: Preview the property Decide on the most appropriate target market stage for that likely demographic Make it pretty Have it photographed Move on with your marketing routine – blog, Houzz, social sharing sites, newsletter inclusion, Instagram, […]

World Golf Village, Isles of the World Courtyard and Pool

Inspiration and lifestyle is what we create as professional home stagers. This week, I was staging at World Golf Village’s Isles of the World, right here in St Augustine, FL. It was a seldom opportunity that we actually were able to stage full courtyards in Charleston, SC, so new furniture had to be ordered and put into inventory.

In the end, the extra investment into not only our image but the creation of a beautiful space for our customer was well worth it. Here is the final product.

Selling Your Home? Invest in it First!

staged bedroom

When it comes time to sell your home, it’s important to realize that the manner in which real estate is sold has changed over the years. In years past, a property’s price and location were enough to sell it because buyers were not as design savvy or picky as they are today. In the current […]

A week in real estate school. How I’m getting my Jacksonville Home Staging Company off the ground.

real estate math

A week of real estate school is no picnic. It is one of my first priorities for setting up my Jacksonville Home Staging company. I thought after having already had my license for 6 years in SC plus working for a large brokerage 2 years prior to that, it would get easier. No. Real Estate school is still tough. The math formulas and word problems alone are a nightmare that borders on the ones from high school, where you forgot to wear pants. Still, I know for me that this is a good move. Having access to MLS for statistical data, and learning the language is something that agents appreciate. They know I’m serious about what I do.

David Peterson & Nik Murrow have found Synergy in their Home Staging

Synergy Staging - Portland Living Room

Portland, OR home stagers David Peterson & Nik Murrow have been two of my top home staging professionals for years. Their work is clean, sleek, and stunning. They have the kind of aesthetic that you immediately know it’s them when you see the photos. I’m excited to have the opportunity to tell their home stager story.

How long have you been a home stager? 5 ½ years

Why did you decide to become a home stager? My partner and I moved from LA to Oregon. He was working as a Costume Designer in LA and we were looking for a new opportunity. After speaking with our Real Estate agent we learned of Home Staging which was a great way to incorporate Nik’s design skills and my experience in Real Estate.

10 Ways to Improve SEO on your home staging or real estate website

Ten Ways To Improve SEO

Looking for ways to improve SEO on your home staging or real estate websites? This great infographic by Interactivity Marketing should give you some guidance. I loved this infographic because it seemed to go so well with yesterday’s Tech4Biz session when I discussed my favorite WordPress plugin for SEO. Why is it my favorite? Because […]

Just Perfect! Home Staging Turns Seller into a Believer.

staged living room

Angela Batchelor, one of Wilmington’s best Realtors, shared this fantastic video of one of her most recent home seller clients. Angela, a proponent of home staging, (You may remember her from our impromptu dinner conversation at the RESA convention where she discussed how to have the home staging discussion with home sellers.) requires as part of her sales package, that the homeowner consult with a home stager and follow their advice. Just Perfect! Home Staging & more is Angela’s preferred Wilmington Home Staging company.

Looking for a little mentoring for your home staging business?


I regularly hear the struggle from home stagers who haven’t quite figured out their markets yet. I often hear that they simply didn’t get enough of the “business” part of the industry in their home staging training, or they just don’t know how to get agents “on-board” with what they are offering.

It’s been years since I’ve really had to earnestly market my home staging company. Having done it so well in the beginning the last time I started one, all I needed to do was continue maintaining what I built. For the last year or so, our goal was actually slowing growth because of the heavy investments in inventory (as our market was primarily vacant homes).

Starting a New Jacksonville Home Staging Company – My Journey

Despite the rational knowledge that I’ve got a lot on my plate between Market Ready Real Estate, Staging & Redesign Home Staging Training, and The Hive arts & crafts community, I find myself longing for my home staging days. Shopping, I find myself far too often uttering the words, “but we don’t do that anymore” when finding the perfect lamp, piece of art or other potentially phenomenal staging prop. The words are said with complete and utter sadness, mixed with the heartbreaking reality that selling my company in South Carolina, which was the right decision to make on many levels, might be the biggest regret of my career. Read more….

Home Staging & HomeGain Survey: 2012 Top 10 DIY Home Improvements


Yesterday we got a sneak peek at the HomeGain Top 10 DIY Home Improvement list for 2012. What followed behind the scenes was a rather heated discussion among many of the nation’s top professional home stagers. As noted in the article, “In past surveys, Home Staging and Lightening and Brightening were battling it out for the number two spot on the top 10 list. In the 2011 survey, Lightening and Brightening reclaimed the number two position and held on to it in 2012. Home Staging, however, fell to the number five position.”

Home staging, for the purposes of this survey was presented to Real Estate Professionals as, “Home staging: Add fresh flowers; removing personal items; reduce clutter; rearrange furniture; add new props or furniture to enhance room/s; play soft music; hang artwork in walls. See complete staging checklist.” To get a really good appreciation of what is characterized as home staging, check out the staging checklist linked above.

It’s no wonder that Professional Home Stagers are in an uproar over this survey. HomeGain, while we love you – I keep your little orange monkey, received after writing a really great article about you, visible in my office for anyone who comes here – can you please jump into the year 2012 and catch a reality as to what home staging really is?! Let me sum it up two sentences, just to be clear:

Featured Post on Pinnable Business, a site for Pinterest Marketing


Today, Melissa Marro, President of Staging & Redesign, was featured on, a site for Pinterest Marketing information.  Her post: Image is Everything. Are your posts pinnable? discusses the importance of having stand out photographs in blogs and marketing in order to compete. Marro provides tips on making the most of your home staging before & […]

Why is an antique artichoke Lisa McIntee’s favorite home staging prop? Her home stager story….

staged living room

If you are a home stager on Facebook, you probably know Lisa McIntee, owner of The Staging Professionals in Niagara Falls, ON. Of course, it’s only recently that we’ve actually been able to put a face to her. An amazing business powerhouse, Lisa has flown under the radar, until recently when her massive growth became a remarkable story. Now, only days away from her start in reality TV, the perfect circular moment in her career, Lisa shares her home stager story with us…