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I regularly hear the struggle from home stagers who haven’t quite figured out their markets yet. I often hear that they simply didn’t get enough of the “business” part of the industry in their home staging training, or they just don’t know how to get agents “on-board” with what they are offering.

It’s been years since I’ve really had to earnestly market my home staging company. Having done it so well in the beginning the last time I started one, all I needed to do was continue maintaining what I built. For the last year or so, our goal was actually slowing growth because of the heavy investments in inventory (as our market was primarily vacant homes).

Tired of paying your annual home staging designation fees?

Are you tired of paying those high annual home staging designation fees just to keep your training logos? Annual designation fees are often $150-$300. If you don’t pay, the staging training company will compel you to remove the logo you’ve worked hard to earn from your staging website. It’s one of those things I have […]

Karen Otto: Personal Aesthetic Staged Beautifully

Karen Otto: Personal Aesthetic Staged Beautifully

It’s easy to see that SAR Instructor Karen Otto has an eye for space, vignettes and rustic charm.  Showing off her new ability to photograph the art in her craft, Karen uses her personal treasures to evoke emotion in her personal stage – a trick taught by HGTV’s Matthew Finlason in his groundbreaking Advanced Staging […]

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Becoming a Home Stager: How to Run a Successful Staging Business: Part 1

The idea of becoming a home stager and running a successful home staging business can be exciting, horrifying, thrilling, daunting and overwhelming. Bringing your passion into a new business can be like giving birth to a child. Just like children, businesses will grow, change and if you do it right, take on a life of their own, able to function in society without you.

How do you earn money as a home stager?

staging with ottomans

Becoming a home stager and earning a six figure income seems so easy when you listen to some training companies talk about it. Now, I’m not saying it’s not possible, but it’s not what some trainers will tell you. Ask any full time professional home stager and they are more than happy to talk about income with you though.

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Sally Weatherley: St. Georges Penthouse Condo

Sally Weatherley: St. Georges Penthouse Condo

SAR Advanced Staging Graduate Sally Weatherley shows off a recent stage in Vancouver. Creating a story in the stage and appealing to a target demographic are subject matters covered in the exclusive SAR Advanced Staging Course that Sally attended in 2011. To learn more about Sally Weatherley or her home staging company, Exit Stage Right, […]

Karen Otto: Aesthetics shots, Evoking Emotion

Karen Otto: Aesthetics shots, Evoking Emotion

After graduating from SAR’s Advanced Staging Course, Karen Otto begins employing the lessons taught by instructor, HGTV’s Matthew Finlason.  The way images are shot, evoke emotion.  Karen shows us her new technique, using her personal objects as the focal point.

SAR Graduate, Nickian Home Staging, Stages Trump Tower

Nickian Home Staging

Gary Sefferman, SAR Advanced Graduate & Design Specialist recently staged this multi-million dollar property in Trump Tower. Sefferman attended Matthew Finlason’s Advanced Staging course, offered exlusively by SAR, in March 2011. To see more photos visit Gary Sefferman’s webite, Nickian Home Staging.

Birgit Anich

This is the best advanced staging course available! I learned so much about how to step outside the neutral zone when staging and how to appeal to the target demographic and psychographic by using color and creative techniques in appropriate ways and tell a story with my design. How powerful is that!!!!! Not to even […]