Chip it! by Sherwin Williams, a fun new eye-candy color toy for your browser…

chip it

Do you subscribe to Sherwin Williams Stir Magazine? Well, if you did, then maybe you noticed the article on Chip it! If you didn’t, well, pay attention. This is one of the most fun toys our there for color buffs. Watch the video and you’ll be hooked. I know it’s already in my browser toolbar, right next to Pinterest.

If you aren’t a professional color consultant, designer or home stager, you might still think the tool is pretty nifty. I went to my pinterest boards to show how cool this really is…

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Stagers Use Color Strategically To Attract The Right Buyer

Michele Kurelich home staging

When I think about how stagers use color as a tool to attract the right buyer, I remember back to when I was a voice-over actor. The frequent and least helpful advice we’d get from inexperienced casting folks or worse, directors, was to “do it again and this time a little more… “orange”! O–kay! Er… more cheerful? Zestier? In some way inflecting a searing punch of color? It usually meant more smile, faster or more energy. I think?

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Whether Staying or Selling: Tips on How to Update Your Kitchen on a Budget

Heather Cook staged kitchen

As the weather warms, we have noted a significant increase in the number of people who start renovations. The top room to renovate is, of course, the kitchen. Experts agree that renovating the kitchen gives home owners up between a 70 – 80% rate of return because the kitchen is such an essential and functional space. If you are updating your kitchen, we have some budget-friendly ideas that add some serious wow factor without breaking the bank!

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Home Staging Challenge: A Problem Wallpaper

orange wallpaper

In the video above, you will find the full story of how SAR Instructor, Bernadette Flaim (and her partner Susan Corbo of Attention 2 Detail) solved the home staging issue of a problem wallpaper.

My suspicion is that these 2 long-time staging pros dealt with the color purely by instinct. However, for the rest of us, I wanted to share a site and an approach that might be useful if you, too, experience one extraordinary wallpaper.

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Color In Staging: A Model Home From Michele Kurelich

Color in Home Staging

Michele Kurelich of Raleigh, NC stages a lot of model units. With such a blank canvas, one might want to know where she begins. Obviously the target buyer is determined by price and location, but which colors to use to tell the story? I caught up with Michele this week, which takes some doing, let me just say, and had a chance to ask her.

31 Front Door Colors

This great video by the Color Fairy (aka Michelle Molinari) provides 31 fresh and current front door colors you may not have considered.