Real Estate and the technological world…

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Real estate and the technological world are like peas and carrots, they just go together. We live in a world of MLS photos, virtual tours, Internet directories, press releases, and article submissions.  It’s entirely feasible for a buyer to see every room of a home, in high quality vivid color, from the comfort of their […]

Home Staging Helps Sellers Find the Silver Lining

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Everywhere you look and listen today, the economic and housing news is gloomy at best and stormy at worst. With so many homes competing for a smaller and choosier pool of buyers, sellers are overwhelmed with fear that their home will sell only at a giveaway price or after a long time on the market-if […]

The 2012 RESA Convention is coming – don’t miss out!

SAR team at RESA

The 2012 RESA Convention is coming.  Don’t miss it.  Here is a recap from last year’s convention, written by SAR Instructor Linda Barnett. A week ago, RESA Stagers set sail to Treasure Island in Las Vegas to find and fill a treasure chest of business tools that will help them grow their home staging businesses. […]

Home Staging Stories From the Trenches: “Yes, we can work with your furniture!”

Annie Pinsker-Brown home staging

I often get calls from Realtors who say, “I have a family who is actually going to be living in their home while it’s on the market. They would like to use their own furniture. Do you do that?” It always amazes me that they have to ask whether afull service Home Staging company would be willing to work with (gasp) someone’s OWN THINGS?! But I know why they have to ask.

Behind the Scenes – Linda Barnett

Behind the Scenes – Linda Barnett

“A micro snap shot of the selection, sorting, packing, and loading up accessory process.  All in the day of a stager and prior to the physical act of the big install.” Pin It

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