Home Staging Tips: Front Door Wreaths when Selling Your Home

using wreaths when staging your home

The general consumer believes that home staging is about keeping things neutral. Front door wreaths are typically personality driven. Does this mean that they should come down when selling your home? Are front door wreaths actually too personal a touch for home staging? Home staging doesn’t mean depersonalizing. It means knowing your home buyer. To […]

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Apps for Home Stagers – Do Use and Do NOT!!

home stager app

There are some terrific apps to incite one’s inner designer, but which are good apps for home stagers?  There are a couple of gems I’ve found, and some, I have to warn, you will get you into expensive trouble if you don’t know EXACTLY what you’re doing.  Take it from this home stager who wound up with […]

Curb Appeal Ideas – A couple of new ones here

Curb Appeal

Home stagers are mostly known for the world of difference they make on the interior of a home for sale, but we are just as impactful on the outside when we talk about curb appeal.  In my feed with week was this post on Curb Appeal that I thought worth sharing… We always recommend owners repair […]

You Might Just Be A Home Stager!

Jacksonville home staging classes

Are you living your passion, where the lines between work and pleasure are so blurred you have no concept of time passing?  Do you “follow your bliss”… living in purpose… using your talents…having fun…and making a living at it? What if all the things that you love don’t feel like a proper profession?  You know, […]

Jacksonville 3 and 6 day home staging classes now offered!

The last few years SAR has only offered it’s home staging training programs online. Because I’m settled in Jacksonville now and have started establishing a new team, we are ready to begin holding live hands-on classes again. Our new classes will be similar in format to our old 3 day new home stager training program […]

Is traditional home staging under attack again this week?

virtual home staging vs traditional home staging

Perhaps it is because I’m never afraid to get into the thick of a home staging argument and share my thoughts that I received a private message today, in response to another blog that I wrote on Active Rain titled, Virtual Home Staging VS Traditional Home Staging. The debate Continues…  asking me to give my thoughts […]

How to remove a water ring on wood with MAYONNAISE

remove water rings from wood

Yesterday the unthinkable happened. We were staging an occupied home and moving furniture from the main house to a detached garage across the driveway when the skies opened up. Rain was pouring down all over our customer’s beautiful cherry furniture. The top had glass that was now suctioned to it. Despite our best efforts, we […]

How are you marketing your home staging portfolio?

building a home staging portfolio

How are you marketing your home staging portfolio? Recently, after playing around with some new photos from a recent St Augustine home staging project, I asked a similar question online. Post by Melissa Sehmer Marro.   While I loved the answers that I received, what I was really asking was, “What other ways are you […]

How to Apply Feng shui to Home Staging

Staging and redesigning a house can be a stressful process. Applying some Feng shui principles can ensure that your design is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also positioned to produce positive and harmonious energy for any who enter the home. Feng shui is a complicated practice with lots of different elements, mastering it can be […]