How To Price Your Home Staging Services, Part II

How To Price Your Home Staging Services

This is part II of our tour through some strategies on how to price your home staging services. (click the underlined words to go back and read part I) Strategy #5 – A Combination The most common strategy used is the Combination where you take a flat rate (what NJ Maureen used to call My […]

How To Price Your Home Staging Services – Options To Consider

Home Staging Pricing

We are often asked about how to price your home staging services.  Obviously there’s what you’d like to get paid, and then there’s what the market will bear. Somewhere in between is a number that will work. How do you figure that out? All pricing calculations start with you writing down  your monthly expenses.  For […]

The Ultimate Linen Closet Organization Guide

As a professional home stager, I love great organization techniques. I really wish that I used more of them in my own home, but I’m getting better. Someday maybe I’ll become Alejandra, but probably not. That said, when selling, after we reduce our closets to the minimum that we really need to keep in there, […]

Home Staging for Living: Organizing Your Home Infographic

how to be an organized professional home stager

Home Staging isn’t just for home selling. Often when professional stagers leave a property, sellers wonder why they didn’t live like this all along. If you want to add a touch of home staging for living, this infographic by Greatist my be of great help. Expanding on Home Staging for Living Tips from the infographic […]

When home staging experience works against you…

Starting a new home staging company with the experience of previously starting a successful one should give me an edge. Most of the time it does. Still, sometimes, what I know from before works against me. It is really difficult to go from having a large home staging company with a nearly 4000 sqft warehouse, […]

Closet Organization: How to fold a fitted sheet.

how to fold fitted sheets

Closet Organization: How to fold a fitted sheet. Want to know how to fold the perfect fitted sheet, so that your closets are tidy and organized? Elena Lai Etcheverry from Charity Wings shows just how easy it is to make it look just like it came out of the package, even if it just came out […]

30 Day Organize Your Life Challenge! Let’s get started… Labeling

organize your life challenge

I’ve always struggled with being organized. In the last year, downsizing and moving to another state, I’m finding that it is becoming more and more important. As the real estate trend shows families are ditching the McMansions and opting for smaller digs, finding a way to store everything is becoming more and more popular. Our culture isn’t a “do without” society, rather we have to find a way to make it all fit.

For the next 30 days we’ll be asking you to take 5 minutes out of your schedule, each day, and organize one small area of your life. It may be a junk drawer, a closet, your glove compartment or refrigerator. Pick what is important to you. If, let’s say, your garage is your big problem area, don’t freak out and try to do it all at once. Instead, pick a single shelf that you can work on that day, or work on one pile for 5 minutes. At the end of the month you’ll be surprised what you accomplished.

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12 simple ideas to make your home & life easier

ideas to change your life

It is crazy how small and simple things can make our lives and our homes so much easier (and better). There are moments when you feel the light bulb really is flickering above your head. Seeing this {mock} infographic from Colby Almond today was one of them. The last one really is the one where […]

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