Pinterest: Are you using it to market your business? A visual from the experts…

25 Ways To Build Your Presence On Pinterest

You may have joined Pintapalooza last week and if you did, you probably realize just how important Pinterest may be for your business. The beauty is that it’s good for nearly any type of business, not just a home staging business like mine. If that business deals with women, all the better, since women make up over 75% of the traffic. Of course that dynamic is slowly shifting as entrepreneurs break ground and begin using this for more than sharing craft tutorials and fashion tips.

So, what are some tips on using Pinterest for your small business?

Why should your home staging business be on Google Plus?

google plus

Think Google + is a waste of time and you don’t really need to learn another social network for your home staging business? Well, think again. While I love Chris Brogan’s infographic on this subject, the reality is that there is one HUGE reason you need your home staging business on Google+…. SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

The truth of it is that Google, the largest search engine out there, has started including data from Google+ in it’s rankings. Have you noticed this on the upper right of your google searches?

Facebook Timeline for Business – more info you need!

facebook timeline for business

Time is running out to upgrade to the new Facebook timeline. On March 30th, Facebook will automatically upgrade you – whether you like it or not! To make the most of this mandatory switch, I thought I would help you make the most of it.

With only 2 days left, I wanted to share a couple of other important links and infographics with you (see blog).

iFrame Apps: Embed a Mini Website on your Facebook Timeline page

iframe apps header

Your welcome landing page is gone (or will be on March 30th), but have no fear, iFrame Apps has created a whole new way to share your website on your Facebook Timeline page. I’ll let the infographic do the work, but according to their app page, this will allow you to embed a mini website on your timeline page… With the ability to add up to 10 custom tabs, there is a lot of functionality still possible.

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Home Stagers, need help monitoring your social media accounts?

social-media-monitoring free tools

As professional home stagers, trying to stay ahead of the social media curve, finding time to balance multiple sources and streams can be overwhelming. We often find ourselves with multiple blogs, personal and professional Facebook accounts, fan pages, twitter feeds, tweetchats, Linked In & Yahoo groups and the list goes on and on. Embracing online tools and phone apps may be the ticket to putting it all together.

This infographic by Kissmetrics shows how much other companies are paying for social media and which tools seem to work best.

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The ART of COLOR coordination


Combining colors can often be a bit like an art form. While it’s true that the easiest and best color combinations are found in nature, (really, look at the scales on a fish, the colors of flowers, or the feathers on a bird and you’ll get a good idea of how to combine colors) sometimes we mere mortals need a little help.

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Lifestyle Home Staging: First Time Home Buyers


Lifestyle home staging. Have you heard the term? If not, then it’s about time you do. It’s the new wave of our industry. It’s not enough to just make a home look pretty, to show off size and scale, now we need to know who our home buyer will likely be and specifically create rooms […]

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Can Instagram help your home staging business?

instagram-cheatsheet header

Are you using Instagram to help market your home staging business yet? If you aren’t, maybe you should be.

Don’t know what Instagram is yet? According to iTunes, it’s a free, fun, and simple way to make and share gorgeous photos on your iPhone. Yep… and let’s face it, gorgeous photos is what your job is all about, right? Well, at least that’s usually how you are judged.