Plain white sofas, the chameleon of home staging.

Plain white sofas, the chameleon of home staging

Home Stagers love their white sofas. They are clean, fresh and work nearly everywhere. With the right throw pillows and accompanying tables, art and accessories they become chameleons, blending nicely into traditional or contemporary spaces.

Making GREEN Improvements when staging your home to sell


Going GREEN doesn’t have to just mean being environmentally conscientiousness.  It can also mean getting a little more green in your wallet when staging your home to sell., a leading site on all things real estate related, conducted a survey and found the top nine DIY home improvements. The top 5 GREEN home improvements that […]

Wondering what to do with your kids memorabilia? Don’t do this!


A few days ago I was home sick and ended up watching the new ABC show, The Revolution. To be honest, I was kind of saddened that this show replaced One Life to Live, as ABC soaps have been my chicken soup when I’m stuck home ever since I was a little girl (which believe me was a long while ago). Still, what the heck, I’m a captive audience. There is nothing else on TV.

The cast seems pretty good. Ty Pennington has done several shows that I have liked in the past. He’s a decent TV handyman. Today, the segment that caught my eye was all about using children’s artwork and memorabilia – how to showcase it. Watching the segment that you’ll see below, my heart stopped. I immediately started shaking my head and my blood pressure began increasing steadily and rapidly.

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How Do I Remove Water Rings from Wooden Tables?

DIY dining room fixes

How do you remove water rings from wooden tables?  Oh, what a great question!  Whether you have a wax or laquered finish, this DIY home project video from new ABC show The Revolution can help. I love how Tim Gunn is worried that he is ruining someone else’s towel.  As usual, Ty Pennington holds up […]

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What Style are You?

light fixture

Proper lighting is crucial to creating a complete look to a space, no matter what the function. Lighting can be used to emphasize and enhance a feature or you can dramatize or minimize the furnishings, as you can with colour and pattern.

So when it comes to lighting for your space what style are you?

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Bell Jar Decor – Inspiration

bell jars

Bell Jars are the perfect home decor item. They seem to create inspiration and a feeling of significance to whatever is underneath it. Small items suddenly seem large. A collection becomes defined. Magic seems to happen whenever they are around. Perhaps it is the light that shines and sparkles from the reflective surface. Whatever it is, if you don’t have any bell jars in your collection, maybe it’s time to pick some up.

Here are some ideas that I’ve found that may inspire you.