Light bulb conversion chart – how to replace that 60W bulb

lightbulb conversion chart

Wondering what to do when that 60 watt bulb is phased out? Here’s a good infographic that explains the difference between types of bulbs. Not accounting for cost of wattage, the average annual price of all of the alternatives are pretty similar. CFL bulb costs $1.11/yr Halogen/CFL Hybrid costs $1.49/yr LED A19 costs $1.11/yr These […]

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Chip it! by Sherwin Williams, a fun new eye-candy color toy for your browser…

chip it

Do you subscribe to Sherwin Williams Stir Magazine? Well, if you did, then maybe you noticed the article on Chip it! If you didn’t, well, pay attention. This is one of the most fun toys our there for color buffs. Watch the video and you’ll be hooked. I know it’s already in my browser toolbar, right next to Pinterest.

If you aren’t a professional color consultant, designer or home stager, you might still think the tool is pretty nifty. I went to my pinterest boards to show how cool this really is…

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30 Day Organize Your Life Challenge! Let’s get started… Labeling

organize your life challenge

I’ve always struggled with being organized. In the last year, downsizing and moving to another state, I’m finding that it is becoming more and more important. As the real estate trend shows families are ditching the McMansions and opting for smaller digs, finding a way to store everything is becoming more and more popular. Our culture isn’t a “do without” society, rather we have to find a way to make it all fit.

For the next 30 days we’ll be asking you to take 5 minutes out of your schedule, each day, and organize one small area of your life. It may be a junk drawer, a closet, your glove compartment or refrigerator. Pick what is important to you. If, let’s say, your garage is your big problem area, don’t freak out and try to do it all at once. Instead, pick a single shelf that you can work on that day, or work on one pile for 5 minutes. At the end of the month you’ll be surprised what you accomplished.

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How to hang a mirror or heavy piece of art.

Learning how to hang a mirror or heavy art piece can take some practice. I ran across this video by Pottery Barn and have to say that it perfectly shows the best techniques. In order to do this properly, and without damage to you, the mirror or the wall, be sure you use the correct […]

Can PicMonkey replace Picnik for photo editing?

live without picnic

Pinterest has been a big deal in marketing and sharing images, but of course with so many copyright issues, it seems such bad timing for Picnik to be going out of business. Picnik was my favorite site for photo editing, adding captions, creating great effects and borders/frames.

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Fake it! How to make windows look bigger.

high windows look made easy

Whether you are a weekend DIY warrior or a design professional, you know that sometimes the secret is just to fake it till you make it. Making windows look bigger is no exception. Big beautiful, well dressed windows are often the secret to a beautiful space, and they can even add value to a home for sale.

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A french cleat can make hanging DIY headboards easy.

how to make a french cleat

Ty Pennington, co-host of ABC’s new talk show, The Revolution, shows off perhaps one of the best headboards ideas I’ve seen for DIY’ers: The French Cleat. (I apologize for the video no longer being here, The Revolution was cancelled and they deleted all of their videos). You’ll still find the instructions on making a french […]

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12 simple ideas to make your home & life easier

ideas to change your life

It is crazy how small and simple things can make our lives and our homes so much easier (and better). There are moments when you feel the light bulb really is flickering above your head. Seeing this {mock} infographic from Colby Almond today was one of them. The last one really is the one where […]

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