How does Social Media affect your Home Staging business?

Wonder how social media affects your home staging business? This video shows, without any exception, that social media is taking over and modifying the business world as we know it. Everything today is “Facebooked”, “tweeted”, “linked in”, or “pinned” – as well as a million other types of activities.

Becoming a Home Stager: How to Run a Successful Staging Business: Part 1

The idea of becoming a home stager and running a successful home staging business can be exciting, horrifying, thrilling, daunting and overwhelming. Bringing your passion into a new business can be like giving birth to a child. Just like children, businesses will grow, change and if you do it right, take on a life of their own, able to function in society without you.

Stagers Should Picture What They Preach

Picture Preach

Without a doubt the end result of a home’s staging should be a great visual impression. Because this is so, home staging has come to be viewed as an “image” industry. But as a relatively new industry, home stagershave much to learn from their counterparts in other more established image industries such as advertising, interior design, and landscaping. Professionals in these fields know that to sell and grow their own businesses; they must first present a good visual image of themselves. This impression starts with the logos, business cards, and websites they use to market their products and services.

Building a website: What do I need to know?

Because your website is your online storefront and usually your first impression to potential customers, having a good home staging website is crucial.  A bad website will turn real estate agents and home sellers off as surely as having a business card with a ‘glamour shots’ photo. This infographic on the Anatomy of a Perfect […]

Become Immortal on Social Media: What happens when you die?

It’s only a little creepy right? You will live forever on social media. Long after your death, what you put out into the digital world will stick around – possibly forever.  This should give pause for thought since social media is changing the world. So, how will the world (and your family) remember you?

Thinking of Becoming a Professional Home Stager?

staging inventory

Are you thinking of becoming a professional home stager? With the current economic market owning your own business makes a lot of sense for many, for others not so much. I’m frequently asked about making money in the staging & redesign industry, how many hours it takes and what kind of initial investment is realistic. The next most common question is either about market saturation or the downturn of the housing market.

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Whats does the color mean?

colors of SAR yellow

Recently reading a blog on the psychology of color, I loved reading the description behind the SAR logo colors.  I’ll admit that when I chose SAR’s colors, that I selected them less on research and more because I innately am drawn to them.  I feel these colors very deeply and wanted to have them around […]

How do you earn money as a home stager?

staging with ottomans

Becoming a home stager and earning a six figure income seems so easy when you listen to some training companies talk about it. Now, I’m not saying it’s not possible, but it’s not what some trainers will tell you. Ask any full time professional home stager and they are more than happy to talk about income with you though.

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Home Stagers & Social Media: How do I use twitter?


Since social media is perhaps one of the biggest free potential marketing options available to home stagers, it’s important that we understand how to use them.  I ran across this infographic by Cheryl Lawson (@partyaficionanado) that makes a perfect reference on exactly how you can make the most of your twitter account. To view this […]