Why Google Plus is better than Facebook for a Home Stager

rave reviews home staging

Let’s face it, home staging is a visual industry. While we do more than make homes look pretty, that’s what shows on the outside. Portfolio shots are the things that will likely get us the most jobs too. We know that we need to spend time on social media sites to spread the word and […]

Teaching 50+ yr old potential sellers Home Staging

home staging classes for 50 and older students

Today I taught my first home staging class at the University of North Florida (UNF) I’m teaching for an organization called OLLI (Osher Lifelong Learning Institute). OLLI is specifically designed for students over 50 years old who want to continue learning. This class wasn’t my typical home staging class where I’m teaching them to become […]

Beginner and advanced online home staging classes

home staging class certification

Whether you are ready to become a home stager, or take your staging company to the next level, our online home staging classes can help you succeed. All of our classes are taught by experienced professionals who actively run their own staging company. Beginner online home staging classes If you are ready to become a […]

Why online home staging training may be right for you.

become a home stager online

Wondering if online home staging training is right for you? One of the most common questions that I get is if classroom style training or online home staging training is better. The truth is that one isn’t necessarily better than another. Online courses do have their benefits, however. Online home staging training is less expensive […]

New photos COMING SOON! How this is killing your sales.

activity during first week of listing

Today as I sat in my real estate sales meeting, watching a virtual caravan of the most recent listings in our office, I heard two different agents advise as the admin flipped through the photos, “New photos are coming soon.” Right now these listings are live on MLS, potential buyers are viewing them, but they […]

How to start a home successful staging company with online training.

why should you have your home professionally staged

Are you wondering how you can start a successful home staging company with online training? If you’ve been researching home staging training courses you are probably trying to decide if an online course, or a classroom style course is better. The truth is that they are both very different and the right course will depend […]

Should you build a home staging team, or refer excess work?

When your home staging business starts feeling growing pains should you build a home staging team, or refer excess work to other local home stagers? This isn’t a one size fits all business, and the right answer may be different for everyone reading this blog. In either case, it is important to understand what you […]

Microdata can boost your hyperlocal or home staging blogs in SERPS

microdata boosts local home staging blogs in serps

If the title of this home staging blog was already making your head swim with technical terms, then you aren’t alone.  It’s OK. We have all been there (and sometimes I’m right there with you, but one step ahead, trying not to talk alone). This morning I read a great article in the G+ Real […]

Should I use Pinterest for Business or a Personal Account

should I use a pinterest for business or personal account

When Pinterest for Business first was released I was left feeling, “What’s the point?”. I was unable to find any justifiable reason to convert my personal account to a business account, especially since my profile represents not only my crafty hobbies, but also several home staging related businesses. What is Pinterest for Business? Pinterest for […]

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