Color In Staging: A Model Home From Michele Kurelich

Color in Home Staging

Michele Kurelich of Raleigh, NC stages a lot of model units. With such a blank canvas, one might want to know where she begins. Obviously the target buyer is determined by price and location, but which colors to use to tell the story? I caught up with Michele this week, which takes some doing, let me just say, and had a chance to ask her.

Home Staging Consultations: The ATM for Home Stagers!!

Photo for SAR - Conceptual Staging

Whether you’re a “yenta with flair”, a certified interior designer or a seasoned staging professional, consultations are the lifeblood of your business. It’s not just how you get more business, and how you demonstrate your skill to a new realtor, it’s money in your pocket with NO EXPENSES against it. Your only cost is your time. You’re making a big mistake if you don’t have everything in place to knock off 2 or 3 of these each and every week you’re open for business!

Today, I want to share with you my admiration for a stager who has taken the consultation part of her business and kicked it up A LOT!! You’ll be saying “BAM!” every time you hear her name after you read this, too!!! 🙂

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2012 RESA Staging Company of the Year, taking a closer look!

Home StagingTraining

You see, Just Perfect Home Staging is, yes, a staging company, but one where homeowners have to earn the right to be clients, and are publicly graded on their compliance with the JP team’s recommendations. In a brilliant, brave, bold branding gesture JP set up a seal of approval program. That the realtor community have embraced this concept is incredibly impressive. I’ve met realtors in Wilmington and they’re a weary, tough bunch. (in fairness, I was meeting mainly rental agents)

Even more impressive, to me at least, is that Jessica’s company services homes for sale that range from starter homes in the $100,000’s to upscale homes on the beach. And, within this range, she has her pricing set so that she can employ a marketing person, a sales person, and a lead interior specialist!

But, wait, there’s more!

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Stager Training Tip: Karen Otto’s Texas Two-Step + 1

Karen Otto staged living room

For SAR’s stager trainer, Karen Otto, consultations amount to 70% of her staging income in today’s real estate market. Sometimes the service is paid for by the realtor, as a value-added benefit to secure the listing. Karen says that a solid 30% of those consultations turn into a full-fledged staging, and some home sellers just need one follow-up appointment for tweaking. So, it was the home below; and notice how dramatic the change is when an experienced, talented stager gets in the mix!

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Yeah, No! Standard Marketing Principles [Still] Apply!

Home Staging Works

Naturally this home sold. In 21 days, in the market of Winter 2011. Once the staging was in place. It had been on the market for a year prior, with 2 different realtors, lots of showings and many price reductions. But no-one had been able to convince the owner that standard marketing principles apply, even when selling a home. Just as much as when you sell any product. The product (aka your home) has to be positioned towards its targer buyer and presented with maximum appeal.

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Stager Tip: Adding Value When You Sell Your Home

Janine Varney SAR Trainer

In a normal life, comfy sofas placed so that everyone can see the TV and the fireplace at the same time, in equal proportion may solve the squabbling about favorite seats, but that placement does you no favors when you go to sell you home!

Just as important is how you’ve added value to the home so that it’s worth what you paid for it even though it’s no longer “new construction”.

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Staging For Tomorrow’s Masters Of The Universe!

Lifestyle Marketing

Jersey City has become one of New Jersey’s trendiest neighborhoods especially down by the water. With views of the Manhattan skyline and convenient, regular ferry service to the World Financial Center, the target buyer for the gentrified townhouses and condos tends to be Wall Street Gods-In-Training and down-sizers looking to be closer to New York City’s cultural options without having to sacrifice the peace and calm of the suburbs.