Home Staging Bathroom Tips

home staging bathroom tips

I found some useful home staging bathroom tips via my ScoopIt feed this morning.  Over and above cleaning, down to bleaching the grout to get the space be appealing, it was the ideas on how to make the space feel relaxing, and spa like.  This might seem contrary to how we all actually use our bathrooms. Most […]

Apps for Home Stagers – Do Use and Do NOT!!

home stager app

There are some terrific apps to incite one’s inner designer, but which are good apps for home stagers?  There are a couple of gems I’ve found, and some, I have to warn, you will get you into expensive trouble if you don’t know EXACTLY what you’re doing.  Take it from this home stager who wound up with […]

Curb Appeal Ideas – A couple of new ones here

Curb Appeal

Home stagers are mostly known for the world of difference they make on the interior of a home for sale, but we are just as impactful on the outside when we talk about curb appeal.  In my feed with week was this post on Curb Appeal that I thought worth sharing… We always recommend owners repair […]

Remodeling Statistics On Home Stager Recommendations

Home Stager recommendations

Typical home stager recommendations for sellers prepping their house for sale usually include:-  Finish up the Honey Do list i.e. fix all the stuff that’s obviously broken.  De-cluttering – having a serious tidy up and throw as much away as you can. And have a yard sale. And donate to the kids. Get rid of […]

The Big Staging Disconnect With Lifestyle Marketing!

Lifestyle Marketing

Most home stagers, certainly those who Staging and Redesign (SAR) certified, will approach each staging project with the following steps: Preview the property Decide on the most appropriate target market stage for that likely demographic Make it pretty Have it photographed Move on with your marketing routine – blog, Houzz, social sharing sites, newsletter inclusion, Instagram, […]

You Might Just Be A Home Stager!

Jacksonville home staging classes

Are you living your passion, where the lines between work and pleasure are so blurred you have no concept of time passing?  Do you “follow your bliss”… living in purpose… using your talents…having fun…and making a living at it? What if all the things that you love don’t feel like a proper profession?  You know, […]

The Lisa McIntee Home Staging Business Model

Lisa McIntee

The company does around 40 consultations a week. Per WEEK. During that time, she does not inside on an all-or-nothing deal. Whatever the homeowner needs, Lisa’s team and her subs will take care of it. No, you read it right – that includes, renovations, new flooring, kitchen cabinets, redesign, furniture rental, everything! Read more…

Conversations With Market Leaders – Jennifer Duchene

Le Chic Cocoon

Countdown Timer: This month, we will be chatting with the very dry, very funny, extraordinarily stylish Jennifer Duchene! Jennifer Duchene, Couture Lifestylist, Speaker and Author, is the creator of ‘The Polite Woman’s Guide to Radical Rediscovery’. The author of the bestseller book Le Chic Cocoon, 7 Steps to creating your Selfish Space. She has been […]

Should you stage a flipper?

Stage Investment Property

What’s a flipper?

An investment property that is bought as a wreck, usually, fixed up with new kitchen, baths, floors, carpet, walls, everything. They used to make a lot of money, back in the day. We never used to stage these things. That they were so lovely and clean with all new fixtures and fittings was enough! Now, margins are closer and to compete against model homes, even these little flippers have to be neatly appointed to net maximum dollars.

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Stagers Use Color Strategically To Attract The Right Buyer

Michele Kurelich home staging

When I think about how stagers use color as a tool to attract the right buyer, I remember back to when I was a voice-over actor. The frequent and least helpful advice we’d get from inexperienced casting folks or worse, directors, was to “do it again and this time a little more… “orange”! O–kay! Er… more cheerful? Zestier? In some way inflecting a searing punch of color? It usually meant more smile, faster or more energy. I think?

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Home Staging Podcast – With Market Leader, Anthea Click

Home Staging Podcast

As you may know, we have a home staging podcast once a month where we sit down and chat with someone well known in our industry. (or an industry closely aligned to home staging and redesign) We call it Conversations With Market Leaders and this month we will be talking to Anthea Click. Anthea is […]

Home Staging Challenge: A Problem Wallpaper

orange wallpaper

In the video above, you will find the full story of how SAR Instructor, Bernadette Flaim (and her partner Susan Corbo of Attention 2 Detail) solved the home staging issue of a problem wallpaper.

My suspicion is that these 2 long-time staging pros dealt with the color purely by instinct. However, for the rest of us, I wanted to share a site and an approach that might be useful if you, too, experience one extraordinary wallpaper.

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