Donna Dazzo: Battery Park City: offered by Corcoran

Donna Dazzo: Battery Park City

SAR Advanced Design & Marketing graduate, Donna Dazzo, provides another stunning stage, this time in Battery Park City.  This 3 bdrm, 3.5 bath is offered by Corcoran, at $2,099,000. To learn more about this property, view their listing.  To learn more about Donna Dazzo, visit her website, Designed to Appeal. Pin It

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Agent discusses how to get listing agent’s attention

Real Estate agent talks about home stagers

In this short 1 minute video, agent Angela Batchelor, discusses how to get more listings for your staging business by farming homes listed for 30-60 days. This technique is in fact one of the ways that First Impressions Home Staging & Interior ReDesign, one of the largest staging companies in North America, gained the majority […]

New video by ROCKSTAR HOMES focuses on Neighborhood lifestyle

Matthew Finlason, in his advanced design and marketing classes focuses on understanding the buyer’s who will most likely purchase the property you are staging – demographic & lifestyle staging.  One of his suggestions is to be aware of the shops and restaurants around the property.  Think of how the buyer will live not only in […]

MRRE Online Staging Consultation Tool Now Works for Vacant Homes Too!


Market Ready Real Estate‘s online home staging consultation tool has been a great help to many of today’s professional stagers.  This tool allows stagers to create professional reports in minutes with checklists and drop down boxes.  The best part is that the reports don’t feel or look like it.  They appear (and actually are) fully customized […]

Wondering what to do with your kids memorabilia? Don’t do this!


A few days ago I was home sick and ended up watching the new ABC show, The Revolution. To be honest, I was kind of saddened that this show replaced One Life to Live, as ABC soaps have been my chicken soup when I’m stuck home ever since I was a little girl (which believe me was a long while ago). Still, what the heck, I’m a captive audience. There is nothing else on TV.

The cast seems pretty good. Ty Pennington has done several shows that I have liked in the past. He’s a decent TV handyman. Today, the segment that caught my eye was all about using children’s artwork and memorabilia – how to showcase it. Watching the segment that you’ll see below, my heart stopped. I immediately started shaking my head and my blood pressure began increasing steadily and rapidly.

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Staging Statistics by Just Perfect Home Staging & more

just perfect stat

Another amazing set of statistics from Jessica Pirone and her 2012 RESA Home Staging Company of the Year, Just Perfect & more Home Staging.  I love the way Just Perfect shows off the value of their services is this very classy marketing piece, perfectly branded and visually clear on the point. Notice, on this flyer, […]

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They Only Marry Ugly Girls in This Town…

pretty bulldog

That is basically what people are saying when they tell me when their market doesn’t require the services of a stager. In a town full of ugly girls, what happens when a pretty gal shows up in the neighborhood? In a location that doesn’t use real estate staging, this proven marketing technique becomes even MORE effective! […]

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So What Exactly Do You Say When Sellers Ask You THIS Question???

There you are: Pitching yourself as only you can…

and the potential clients are hitting you with a volley of questions. You are not just holding your own – you are darned near poetry in motion!

The answers to every question rolls off your tongue with complete confidence. You arefeeling the love – you know you will get this listing, you can practically taste their eagerness to work with you and you alone.

And then it comes. That one question that has been popping up with far to much frequency lately. The one that gives you a queasy feeling because you know your answer on this one thing seems to consistently fall short.

“So, do you think we should stage our house?”

The Perils of Kitchen Kitsch: Fat Chefs, Lighthouses, Sunflowers, OH MY!

sexy chef

We see it everywhere.

And it’s scary.

The Themed Kitchen.
Whenever we are in them, our senses are assaulted by wine bottle-carrying obese chefs, roosters of every possible size and description, hand-painted palm trees swaying the breeze on every plate and cup, swags of ceramic chili peppers around the window frame, Folksy-Country signs with wooden hearts telling us the dishwasher is full or empty, salt and pepper shakers made of cowboys napping whilst standing up against cactus (Ouch!).

It’s an epidemic. And when a family of fat chef figurines arrived at my house today, via my significant other on a shopping spree, I was suddenly mentally forced to draw a line between tasteful decor and utter crap (that would be udder crap if it is kitchen decor comprised of black and white cows). I absolutely must rebuke the chefs and banish them to the outer realm.

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Tips for Staging Multiple Model Homes – Organization and Preparation

Tips for Staging Multiple Model Homes – Organization and Preparation

Have you ever found yourself in the position of having to stage multiple units all at the same time. This typically happens when there is a Parade of Home or Tour of Homes in your town. Multiple builders (or a single builder with multiple floor plans) all need to stage on a tight deadline. Most of the time this seems to be new construction where the construction is barely complete – sometimes they are preowned family residences.

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