How to remove a water ring on wood with MAYONNAISE

Yesterday the unthinkable happened. We were staging an occupied home and moving furniture from the main house to a detached garage across the driveway when the skies opened up. Rain was pouring down all over our customer’s beautiful cherry furniture. The top had glass that was now suctioned to it. Despite our best efforts, we were unable to remove it. In the morning we returned, before photos to find that there were huge water spots all over the top. Fortunately we were able to now remove the glass as the water had dried.

remove water rings from wood


How to remove a water ring on wood with MAYONNAISE

I was trying to accomplish everything before the photographer and listing Realtor got to the home, but things being what they were, that just didn’t happen. This furniture piece was moved to the garage for storage, as it wasn’t needed in this staging project. This meant that I would be able to work while the agent and photographer did their job in the house.

With the Realtor standing nearby, I walked into the kitchen, grabbed a paper towel, spoon, and some mayonnaise from the kitchen. I kind of laughed to myself as I started explaining what I was doing. “We accidentally got some water on the client’s table yesterday with all the rain. Mayonnaise and a little elbow grease will make it good as new.”

The agent, who is a top producer in the Jacksonville area, laughed and said, “Oh, so you aren’t just making yourself a sandwich?”

I explained that mayonnaise is actually one of the best ways to get water rings out of your wooden furniture. Simply rub it in circles and viola…. good as new. Don’t believe me? Check this out.

use mayonnaise to get water rings out of wood


All dried it had a beautiful luster and no more water stains.

This trick really only works when the wooden surface has turned white. If the wood has already turned brown where the water has seeped in, you are probably too late. Even with the water on the table overnight we achieved a great level of success.

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