Home Staging Training Tips: Writing Blog Content

If you are starting a home staging business or already have one, then you probably know how important it is to be found in search engines. There are so many changes happening to SEO lately that it is often hard to know what is the best method of building SEO. One thing that has become clear, at least to those who use Google as their primary search (which is most everyone), is that writing great original content is the most important factor.

Home Staging Training Tips: Blog Content Writing

One of the easiest things to write about is your current business. Showcase your before and after photos and talk about the changes you made, and why you made them.

Discuss popular design trends and highlight whether you think they’ll become popular, and why/why not, in your area.

Spotlight your successes and compare it to the local market statistics. Work with an agent to find out what the typical days on market is in the neighborhood you just had a recent home staging success.  When you can show how your work compares with typical market stats then other agents and home owners may be more likely to comprehend the true value you provide.

Discuss local events that are about to happen, or just happened. By becoming a source of local area highlights, you may increase the traffic to your website, which in turn will bring you more name recognition.

Create a DIY segment. If you love to craft, refurbish furniture, or work on home decor, write about it on your home staging blog and you’ll find that you have perfect content for internet sharing on sites like Pinterest, Facebook, and Google Plus.

Writing Compelling Content & SEO for Your Home Staging Blog

One of the important things you should know about writing a home staging blog is that while readers today tend to enjoy reading shorter blogs with clear highlights where they can effectively skim the posts, Google rewards writers to actually provide a lot of content vs small snippets. In other words, where SEO is concerned, the number of words and characters count. Generally speaking, your blogs should be at least 300 words long, and have actual information. While keywords are key to getting rankings in the search engines, be sure not to “stuff” your blogs where the writing becomes odd sounding because you are forcing key words into the writing.

Embed video to your blogs for additional content

Consider adding video to your blogs. You can find great DIY videos out there to help showcase a new technique or decorating trend. Something as simple as organizational ideas, hanging curtains, or painting furniture may bring great new readers to your blog. It also creates content that Realtors may want to share with their newsletter readers or social media followers?

Embed your social media posts to give readers another place to connect

Now that you’ve done a great job providing information that your readers want to share or follow, show them how you have other great content available, or where to follow you to be sure they can see your latest posts. By embedding your Facebook and Google Plus posts, you’ll gain additional followers through your social media channels and continue to grow your influence (and business as a result).

Include infographics on relevant topics for your readers

Since you are in the home staging industry, it’s a good idea to find infographics by boards of Realtors and other third party groups who can share great information about home buying or selling ideas. By passing this information along you’ll continue providing relevant information to your primary customer base. Typically infographics are large photos with information that is easily understood by most people at a glance. This means that even when you have lengthy blog posts (which are again great for SEO) that they still have brief, easy to absorb, information for those readers who are just scanners.

home staging training tips

Home Staging Training Tips: Keep your blog fresh

If you start a blog on your home staging website, it is important that you regularly write. There is nothing that says “out of business” quite like a blog that hasn’t been updated in 6 months or a year. While it may be that you simply are too busy to keep up with blog writing, it doesn’t actually appear that way to readers. If you do hit the point where you really are too busy to add a blog every few days or weeks, then considering hiring a professional ghost writer. They will be able to keep content fresh and relevant.

In the end, writing fresh content for your home staging blog is one of the most important things that you can do for your business. It is well worth the time and effort because it will help you not only gain necessary web presence and keep you on the minds of your readers, it will also show that you know what you are doing and are in fact the expert in your area.


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