Home Staging Training Tips: G+ Means Making Connections

In our last segment, Home Staging Training Tips: Using Google Plus, we discussed the fact that using your G+ account, unlike most other social media sites, can create amazing results in the search engines. By simply using keywords in your post introduction it is possible to land on the first page of search results, even for difficult keyword phrases.

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I also mentioned that in order for this to work, the viewer has to have you in their circle, or at least be signed in to Google Plus and connected to someone that you are connected with. That may sound daunting, but in reality, this is simply the way all social media tends to work. It’s about the six degrees of separation.

Making connections with Google Plus for better SERPS rankings

When I was a kid there was this Faberge Organics commercial. It ended with, “and they’ll tell two friends, and they’ll tell two friends, and so on and so on.” This is pretty much the secret of social media. You need people to talk about you. This means being where people CAN talk about you… or at least interact WITH you.

Communities are a great place to find people with interests like yours. Just like all other communities, you’ll need to read, comment, +1, and share content in order to build rapport. Getting involved will increase the number of people who follow you.

Some communities you may consider joining:

Look for other professionals in your area. By visiting the search field in your profile, and searching for criteria, like a local real estate company, you can begin finding Realtors who may be good candidates to follow. Circling them and then interacting on their posts (along with sharing quality content on your own account) will create the atmosphere where they want to follow you back.

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Who is logging in to Google?

I mentioned that in order for the boost in Search engine results to be effective that the searcher must be logged in to Google. This lends the question of who is logging into Google?  If you have a gmail account, chances are, that’s you!

Anyone who has a G+ account is also probably logged into Google when they are performing a search.

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