Home Staging Tips: Front Door Wreaths when Selling Your Home

The general consumer believes that home staging is about keeping things neutral. Front door wreaths are typically personality driven. Does this mean that they should come down when selling your home? Are front door wreaths actually too personal a touch for home staging?

Home staging doesn’t mean depersonalizing. It means knowing your home buyer.

To clear up this question, one of the first things we need to do it clear up the number one myth of home staging. What we typically hear is to depersonalize, depersonalize, depersonalize. The truth is that a home without personality is completely boring. This is true even when selling. Have you ever seen a model home that was without personality? No, of course not! They are overtly personalized actually. This is because that designers for these communities have had a lot of demographic information given to them about WHO is buying the home. Everything is wrapped around that person, or ideal home buyer.

When selling your home, your Realtor should understand this concept as well. So should your home stager. Between the Realtor and Stager, the most likely home buyer should be able to be isolated. This will tell you many things about whether or not certain decor items, like front door wreaths (and which style might be most appropriate), will make the home feel like a warm welcoming place, or like it’s simply too much personality.

Who has a front door wreath and what style is it?

using wreaths when staging your home

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Have you ever ridden around a neighborhood and looked around at the front doors? Are there some that stand out as not quite fitting in? What was it about that door that was out of place? Was it the color? Was it freshly painted or was it in need of paint? Was it the decor on the door?  Looking around at the style of what everyone else in your neighborhood has out will tell you a lot about what may be appropriate when selling your home. You do want to stand out, but you want to be sure that it’s in a good way and not a bad way.

Now that you know if a front door wreath will likely fit into your community or not, you can decide what style wreath not only fits you but also fits in. Should the wreath be traditional, or handmade? Should it be showy, or simple?

Personality is GREAT when selling.

It is OK to showcase your personality when selling your home but it is also important that you don’t distract potential home buyers with it. Less is typically more and keeping everything in moderation is the key to living in a home when selling it, particularly though the holiday seasons.

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