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Curb AppealHome stagers are mostly known for the world of difference they make on the interior of a home for sale, but we are just as impactful on the outside when we talk about curb appeal.  In my feed with week was this post on Curb Appeal that I thought worth sharing…

Article on Curb Appeal

We always recommend owners repair cracks, paint chips and update the hardware.  and, after my post earlier in the week, we now recommend replacing the front door (129% ROI) The newer concepts I wanted to share are: –

1.  “Create a focal point for your front yard, such as a garden fountain, pond, flower/plant arrangement or sculpture.”

2. “Water the lawn regularly” – I can’t tell you the number of brochures I write up on homes with patchy grass. So, YES, it needs to be said.

3. “Add a stepping stone pathway.  Sandstone, flagstone and bluestone are great options for a pathway.”  I love this idea!!  Not only does the path provide visual interest, but it might stop people walking on the grass if they have parked not at an existing pathway.

4. “Add outdoor lights to set the mood, to provide safety at night and to enhance your front yard design.” Yes, that and to illuminate the home when the potential buyer drives by under cloak of darkness to have another look. Plus, lighting is expensive, so the fact that you have something organized – even if it’s just the solar-powered ones – the effort has been made and it reflects favorably on the seller.

5.  Do we need to remind homeowners to keep trash and recycling out of sight? I think buyers appreciate a “system” in place, even if it’s in the garage, at least there is someone in residence who appears clean and organized.  This then suggests good maintenance for the home.  Check Pinterest for cute ideas on how to handle recycling.  [My personal favorite?  the Urbin one!! 🙂 ]

Recycling Bin Idea for Curb Appeal




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