You Might Just Be A Home Stager!

jacksonville home staging classesAre you living your passion, where the lines between work and pleasure are so blurred you have no concept of time passing?  Do you “follow your bliss”… living in purpose… using your talents…having fun…and making a living at it?

What if all the things that you love don’t feel like a proper profession?  You know, things like color and fabric?  What if you love wandering through show homes and model units?  What if you have a nasty HGTV habit?  That’s okay, it’s perfectly respectable – you’re probably a home stager.  We understand.  Good news is, it IS a profession; you can learn how to do it well, and for a tidy profit.

If that sounds too good to be true… why not try out one of our Jacksonville home staging classes – we will be live and in person this July?

Perhaps you’re still not sure. So, let’s take this self-examination one step further —————>

You might just be a home stager IF

1. You know where every Home Goods store is within a 50 mile radius.Jacksonville home staging classes

2. When you’re in a Home Goods, you can’t help yourself re-arrange the shelves, uniting pairs of things, and sorting things into more logical groupings.

3. You have different sets of pillows and accessories for each season, at least that’s what you tell your family. Every space in your home needs a little refresh from time to time, no?

4. You have been known to fashion a set of drapes out of an old tablecloth with merely a pole and a few rubber bands.

5.  You’ve always wanted to be an interior designer, but can’t draw, can’t be bothered with math, construction nor have any interest in studying all that time in school, apprenticing, dealing with clients, …forget all that, you just want to make rooms pretty.

6.  You can see what a room ought to look like despite what the current owner has done to it. You just see it.  (And frankly don’t understand why other folks can’t see it too.)

Jacksonville Home Staging classes7. You, home decor aficionado, yes, you  can tell the difference between beige, “greige”, french vanilla, ivory and white dove.  [We’d go to “50 shades of… but it’s already been taken by a flooring company in the UK, then a nail salon, then…over it, now)  In fact, you own a fan deck. You’d own one from every paint company if you could, though of course you have your favorite!

We know. We get it. We live this way, too!  We know lots of great stagers who make a nice living and are of real value to their community. Value?  Sure, when homes sell for good prices it maintains the value of the neighborhood for everyone.

A sense of design and a feel for color is something you’re born with; but cultivating those talents into a profitable career has to be learned, honed and practiced. The good news is that Melissa Marro, the award winning stager , who has built not one, but TWO successful staging companies – in Charleston, SC and now in Jacksonville, FL – is returning to teaching in person. Her first return to the classroom will be in Jacksonville,  this July 16 – 21, 2014 with two options: 2 individual 3 day sessions or one comprehensive 6 day course. This new series of home staging classes will then travel around the US in the Fall, with stops in Atlanta, Dallas and Indianapolis.

What makes your heart happy? Is it interiors?  Then come join us, know that you’re not alone.  You’re a future home stager and we’re ready to get you shoving sofas around with the best of ’em!!

jacksonville home staging classes

Yeah, we see it. You’re one of us.

Photo courtesy of The Rragged Wren.

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I have been a high-end home stager for about 8 years in suburban NJ. Now, I write about real estate: home profiles for magazine, real estate copy blurb and blogs in the real estate space. I also serve a few local clients with social media marketing and website design.


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