What do those symbols and pictures mean on the laundry label

Have you seen the new laundry labels? They are full of symbols and pictures with nothing to tell you what they mean. Tonight my husband handed me a new pair of bike shorts and asked me what they meant. (He was going to wash his own stuff…. whoa!) I stared at the symbols and could only figure out two of them. What exactly is an envelope looking symbol or a circle with an x through it supposed to mean when it comes to laundry?

Laundry Symbols and Photo on Labels

Thankfully Google Search isn’t far behind and someone else already has done this same query. (Probably lots of them given how quickly it came up in the auto-fill search bar.) So, in case you haven’t seen the new laundry label symbols, you may want to do what I’m doing it and pin it under your Household Ideas board.

symbols and pictures on laundry labels

What do the new laundry symbols mean anyway

Thankfully I was able to determine from the new laundry symbols that my husband’s bike shorts needed to be washed in cold water, line dried (that was the envelope looking picture), do not iron, do not bleach, and do not dryclean. Too bad almost none of that made sense with out a laundry symbol decoder!

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