How a word cloud can help you with keyword usage in blog writing

I don’t know if you’ve ever been guilty of sitting down to write a blog with a set of keywords in mind only to find that at the end, you’ve written about something completely different than you had planned. Maybe you are new to writing, or your keystrokes just sent your mind off in a different direction. When you sit down to write a blog, especially if you are doing it for marketing purposes, you should at least know what message you are conveying.

Using a word cloud to confirm keyword usage in blog writing

A word cloud is a fun little tool that is often used as a visual image on blogs. Sometimes writers will use this handy tool to help readers get a clear understanding about the topic of the blog they are about to read. Have you ever thought about using a word cloud to see if you are actually using your keywords in your blog writing though?

Word clouds analyze the content in a visual display.  They increase or decrease the size of a word in a cloud based on it’s usage.

using a word cloud to see keywords in blog writing

In this word cloud example, I’ve examined my blog on the 5 most common blogging mistakes costing you SEO. What words jump out at you in the cloud? Do you think they accurately represent the likely keywords I was trying to use in this blog?

I think they do.

Using a word cloud before you post your blog

Next time you write a blog and you are wondering if you have used your keywords enough for your message to stand out consider using a word cloud. is the site that I used to create this word cloud. It is great because you don’t have to use a URL. You can actually just paste the text content of your blogs into their site and it will generate your cloud. You also have the options to change the number of words displayed, colors, font, and more, which are all great if you want to use your cloud as an image in your blog.

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