Home Staging Tip: How to make a bed in a bag look like luxury.

Bed in a bag. Is there an item in our home staging arsenal that combines both love and hate as much as this simple accessory? Go down the aisles of TJ Maxx, Ross, Marshalls or any other discount store and you’ll see some really awful ones, and then some that seem to have potential. Pull them out of the bag, fluff them up, and you have… probably a hot mess. It doesn’t have to be like that though.

How to improve on the bed in a bag in your next home staging job.

Today I staged a home in Jacksonville, FL where I needed all new bedroom linens. I had just painted some great headboards with tons of color that I wanted to stand out in a completely coastal way. Since I had to also buy the beds themselves (I was completely out of them) I wanted to do this on a tight budget. The bed in a bag is usually the best way to do this.

This $39 bed in a bag came with a comforter, 2 standard shams, a bed skirt and 3 throw pillows. SCORE! I really wish they would have had more. It was mostly blue which was perfect for the blue and orange headboard that I recently painted. As usual the throw pillows in this set are squished and cheap looking.  I did happen to have some great ones on my warehouse shelves though.

How to make a bed in a bag look great

$39 bed in a bag with painted headboard

The next bed in a bag was $49. A little more expensive, but that’s OK. It’s still really cheap. This was a green set and had all the same contents. Since it included a bed skirt that was just all the better (both the blue and green sets did). I usually spent $20 just on that little piece of cloth when I have to purchase them separately.

home staging with bed in a bag

$49 bed in a bag with octopus pillows

Finally, I had the master bedroom. I had painted this awesome green headboard and just wanted the room to feel luxurious. They didn’t have anymore super cheap bags, so I went for a super neutral white $79 bed in a bag. This one only had the comforter and shams, but it was still worth it.

using a bed in a bag with home staging

$79 bed in a bag with coral pillows

Don’t use the bed in a bag throw pillows (in the bedroom).

In case you missed the point of this post and the pictures. Keep the bed in a bag pillows for your other rooms where they can be used as filler, but keep the off the bed. Usually it’s far to “matchy matchy” to actually pull together and normally they look super cheap.  But see, they look perfectly fine here in the living room. The pillows on the chairs below are actually one from each of the blue and green bed in a bag sets.

home staging with bed in a bag

Use your bed in a bag pillows somewhere else!

So there you have it – the secret of making a bed in a bag look like luxury in your next home staging project.

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