Yes, Size Matters, How to Fake it and Making up in the Bedroom.

Home Staging in the bedroom can be one of the most important decisions a seller can make. The bedroom is a wrought with opportunities for making a home feel luxurious and inviting. When selling your home, getting it right here is a must.

how to create the perfect bedroom when selling your home

Nothing says more about the homeowner than what happens in the bedroom

You can infer a lot of things, but the truth is that for most people, the bedroom is a sacred space. Most of us even feel awkward walking into someone else’s bedroom. It’s the room we are the most vulnerable. It’s the room where we most often close the door because people are in our home – effectively keeping them out of our private business. When selling your home, it is not only one of the most important rooms for home buyers, but it is the room that most home sellers are least likely to want to change anything in.

Still a few changes will make all the difference in the world and the place this begins is by making the focal point of the room – which is almost always the bed – as inviting and luxurious as possible. The video below by Plano Texas Home Stager (and SAR Instructor) Karen Otto, demonstrates how easy it is to create the perfect luxurious bed. {Videos by Lance Selgo of Unique Exposure Photography}

Home Staging a Vacant Bedroom

While personally I recommend to all of my homeowners that even in vacant (empty) homes that the master bedroom have a real bed (sometimes we’ll use two boxsprings to save on the budget), blow up beds can be a good option for additional bedroom. Many home stagers will tell you that the other bedrooms aren’t important but it really depends on the room size and potential buyer. The average buyer typically feels that beds are significantly larger than they are. Not having a bed in a bedroom may mean that they’ll think the room is too small for what needs to go in there. By choosing the correct bed size, and showcasing it beautifully, you are more likely to create a quick purchase for your customer.

My home staging company actually pulled records and did a study after we began offering full service staging in all rooms of the home vs only the primary rooms. (Our previous contracts only included living room, dining room, eat-in kitchen, master bedroom, and master bath.) What we found was that our statistics for homes that had the entire home staged was dramatically better than when we only staged the main rooms.

Keeping the budget to an affordable level, not to mention storage requirements for many home stagers, means getting creative. Again, Karen Otto showcases how to fake it in the bedroom with blow up beds and file boxes.

How big is it? Why size does matter in the bedroom.

When you are trying to create a luxurious bedroom, there is nothing worse than ill fitting linens. When you are trying to prepare for a home staging job, there is nothing worse than going through all your linens trying to figure out what size they are. I’m not quite sure why manufacturers sell them by twin, full, queen, and king, only to turn around and only add the dimensions, not the name to their sewn in tags. While we’ve tried to get into the habit of taking a sharpie marker to each and every one and labeling with a T, F, Q, or K, sometimes they escape us. When they do, or when there isn’t a tag anywhere to be found. It’s time to rely on this measurement chart.

Bed measurements Fitted sheet Flat sheet Duvet/quilt cover Comforters
37.5 in × 74.5 in (95 cm × 189 cm)
39” x 76” x 8”
(99 x 193 x 20 cm)
72” x 102”
(182 x 259 cm)
59” x 79”
(150 x 201 cm)
80” x 106”
(203 x 269 cm)
54 in × 75 in (137 cm × 191 cm)
54” x 76” x 8”
(137 x 193 x 20 cm)
87” x 102”
(221 x 259 cm)
79” x 79”
(201 x 201 cm)
100” x 106”
(254 x 269 cm)
60 in × 80 in (152 cm × 203 cm)
60” x 80” x 8”
(152 x 203 x 20 cm)
105” x 110”
(267 x 279 cm)
88” x 86”
(224 x 218 cm)
106” x 106”
(269 x 269 cm)
76 in × 80 in (193 cm × 203 cm)
76” x 80” x 8”
(193 x 203 x 20 cm)
110” x 114”
(279 x 290 cm)
102” x 86”
(259 x 218 cm)
112” x 106”
(284 x 269 cm)
California King
72 in × 84 in (183 cm × 213 cm)
73” x 85” x 8”
(185 x 216 x 20 cm)
110” x 114”
(279 x 290 cm)
102” x 86”
(259 x 218 cm)
114” x 106”
(290 x 269 cm)

What happens when it’s time to take the home staging inventory home?

We can avoid dealing with having to fold fitted sheets at home by simply washing the sheets and throwing them back on the bed, rather than exchanging sheet sets with the ones in the closet. When we are unstaging a home, we don’t have that luxury. It’s not uncommon to have to face the idea of having to fold five or six sets of sheets all in a minimal amount of time, then figuring out how to take the minimal storage possible – not to mention trying to keep wrinkles, that we’ll later have to steam out, to a minimum. Learning how to fold a fitted sheet, the right way, can really help with this daily task.

Don’t worry. It’s really not that hard to fold a fitted sheet. Check out this video by Jill Cooper at Doesn’t she make it look easy?

When things are working in the bedroom, everything is better

As you can see, making things work in the bedroom doesn’t have to be difficult. It is important, however. Because your bedroom says so much about you, it’s important that it only say positive things. It’s important that home buyers think that this room can say good things both to and about them. They need to feel like can be vulnerable here too.

Wonder what other room is talking about you behind your back? Wait until you find out what your closets are saying about you!

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