Home Staging for Living: Organizing Your Home Infographic

Home Staging isn’t just for home selling. Often when professional stagers leave a property, sellers wonder why they didn’t live like this all along. If you want to add a touch of home staging for living, this infographic by Greatist my be of great help.

Expanding on Home Staging for Living Tips from the infographic

Following the organizing infographic below will surely start to get things uncluttered. Here are some tips that I use.

how to be an organized professional home stager

Organizing computer files how you’ll look for them

Organizing your computer files can be a daunting task. The infographic below recommends that you organize your files on your computer. Often the best way to do this is to consider how you think about them. Is the item related to your home, office or child’s school? Begin by labeling your digital folders accordingly.

Subfolders come next. In your “Home” folder, you may have subcategories like, warranties, mortgage docs and decor ideas.

Be sure to rename the documents or files to what you’ll be able to remember at a glance. Don’t try to get clever. Think, “If I can’t remember this file location, what will I look for?” It’s kind of like searching. How do you google? Will you try to look for Main St lease when you are trying to find your last rental agreement, only to find out that it was listed as 2012 Rental Agreement Main St? Consider how your mind works when discussing them and name them that.

Finally, consider keeping your files in a cloud instead of your hard drive. Not only will you feel less stressed when a computer crashes or a hard drive fails, but you’ll usually be able to access it from other new devices and ultimately save hours when you upgrade to the latest and greatest technology.

Digital file management can actually be one of the hardest tasks because we often don’t feel in control of where the files are downloaded (usually to the download file). Taking a few minutes a week to organize this will keep it manageable  It’s just like keeping anything else in your home neat and tidy. It’s usually best not to wait until everything is a complete mess before you clean it up.

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Home Staging for living: Move out to move in

One of my best tips, which covers every area in the organizing your home infographic, is to make a promise to get rid of something in your home every time you bring something in. When purchasing a pair of new shoes, consider which old pair you will get rid of first. It may not just save your closet space, but could also save you some money.

Remember to go vertical in your home organization. There are tons of organizers  you can hang behind the bathroom curtain, behind doors, so on and so forth. Figure out how you can best use your space and don’t be afraid to think out of the box.

Spend the money on boxes, bins, and totes. Believe it or not, you will be able to do more with the space if you spend some money on organization tools. You’ll also enjoy your space more. Here are more ideas on how to organize your home.

Organization is all about how you’ll look for it later

Home Staging helps home buyers feel a connection to the property they are viewing. Home Staging for Living is all about creating a connection to the home you live in. Organization will help you reduce stress and often times save money. (You’ll replace things that you already own less frequently because you’ll know where it is, or you may buy less because you know that your space is already well organized and you don’t want to throw off the balance.) Why wait until you sell to enjoy the beauty and lifestyle of your home? Organize your home and find out what home staging for living is really all about.

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